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Win a Free Copy of Traffic Live!


In just 5 days I’ll be launching our biggest, most exciting
product to date and I have a very special surprise for you :)

I’m going to be giving away ONE “full-ride scholarship” to
Traffic Live!

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post by
answering the question below. The best answer will win a FREE
spot inside our Platinum Coaching Program!

So, here’s the question:

1. What sort of content, features, resources, and training would
you like to see inside Traffic LIVE?

Monday Night Marketing Chats, LIVE Case Studies, Weekly Blitz
Competitions, Over-the-Shoulder Training, Checklists, Templates,
& Systems, YOU decide…

The best ideas are going to win a FREE spot inside our Coaching Program! (Opening April 15th :)

So be creative!!

The winning entry will demonstrate – as specifically as possible –
ideas that will make this coaching program the very best coaching program on the web.

What do you think would make the Platinum Coaching Program Rock?

Post your answer in the comments below and I will announce the
winner on Saturday.

Win a FREE Coaching Spot by Commenting below! (Best Comment Wins :)

219 Responses to “Win a Free Copy of Traffic Live!”

  1. Ahmed Safwan@ To Start Blogging 11 April 2013 at 9:42 am Permalink

    I think that this program is going to be great.

    I hope to join it.

    I would personally love to see how to get subscribers and build pipelines at the lowest budget ever. Also, I’d love to see a test each week with Fb Ads or solo ads and then share the results with your students.

    Another great thing you may add is some infographics to help trainers understand content more.

    But I’m most interested in free or low-cost traffic.

  2. Abhishek 11 April 2013 at 9:43 am Permalink

    I think SEO after what those panda and penguin updates is becoming tougher and tougher so i would appreciate if you could come up with a training in regards to SEO basically what works and what not plus website flipping is also profitable business if done correct so if oyu could focus on these two strategies and how to basically structure your website to make it SEO friendly.Offline Lead generation is also something that i am interested in learning so maybe something in regards to that will also be appreciated.

  3. Andrew Chapman 11 April 2013 at 9:44 am Permalink

    Hello Kim,

    Many thanks to be able to post a comment.

    My 5 Tips for being the best.

    1. Explain the process of making money online – leave nothing out.

    2. Have a weekly tip which has to be an excellent one.

    3. Have a weekly competition which offers a years subscription.

    4. I know you explain about traffic explain in laymen terms.

    5. Explain why you are one of the best traffic mentors.

    Many thanks,

    Kind Regards

    Andrew Chapman

  4. Rene 11 April 2013 at 9:45 am Permalink

    Livetrainings on Googlehangouts where you can share screens and compare the results of the trainees to each other to summarize what the best solution might be to get them traffic.

    These live hangouts could also be piblished on landingpages for teasering and getting more people into the programm.
    I’d love to see those “on air” hangouts :)

  5. Pat 11 April 2013 at 9:47 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    I think that the template, check lists and screen casts are all very good, but to really shine, a program would be great if it had REAL accountability. Meaning that each member got a call or email on a regular basis, checking up on them, encouraging them and pushing them to continue the program, etc…

    This alone would make any program stand out from the rest.

    I think a lot of programs confuse accountability with group call sessions and hot seats, etc…


    • R Marie 16 April 2013 at 7:25 pm Permalink

      Oh yes I agree very much Kim
      I need encouragement I am very new at this so I need the looking over the shoulder so to speak. I need the one on one as well as group interaction. I already know that I’m not getting much traffic but understanding why and how to fix it. I have trouble using good tags or key words for search engines to pick up, but its changed like you said.
      I would love very much to sit in this class with you and I’m ready to learn
      I’m a stay at home grandma raising my grandson and needs to actually work my home based business and not as a hobby. I love what I am doing but lack some very important key elements one major one being traffic flow (customers)

  6. Braylon 11 April 2013 at 9:54 am Permalink

    Hey Kim,

    What will make this a great coaching package is the case studies.
    Showing us what’s been working for you – and give us an action plan to follow (something like homework).also at the end of each week maybe do a google hangout and we can ask question live about the lesson or just questions in general.

    To turn it up a notch, how about doing a hangout with a few of your student live all together – you can ask us question & you can give us an opinion based off our answers.

    The resources will be a good thing. Doing everything you did in the marketing lab will be good here. The G+ hangout with the students actually live with you will make this program stand out.

    Hope this help & a scholarship is something I can really use :)

    – Braylon

  7. Malcolm Dingwall 11 April 2013 at 9:54 am Permalink


    My request is for “Over-the-Shoulder Training”. I write this because of my experience with your live videos in The Market Lab when you were setting up a website from scratch with the audience watching.

    Now we all know that anything involving animals or technology will go wrong when the cameras are rolling and it is up to the “talent” to get the director and film crew out of the S**t!

    You were magnificent!! Nothing bothered you and you kept whizzing at that keyboard just like any other person. You knew what was going on and would get it fixed in no time! And you did!!

    That gave the audience one hell of a boost! You were ‘human’ and could win against the odds! Even better you kept that calm atmosphere around the whole performance and dealt with the problems as they arose.

    That performance compels me to ask for “Over-the-Shoulder Training” please.


  8. Amanda 11 April 2013 at 9:55 am Permalink

    For me inside the Platinum Coaching Program, I’d like to find the following features:

    Instruction on all the various methods of getting traffic: free and paid.

    Black Book of traffic sources and resources.

    Monthly live and recorded Q&A sessions.

    Accountability partners.

    Watch over the shoulder instruction with campaign monitoring.

    Instruction on effective tracking and analysis.

    How to implement split-testing including how and why.

    Traffic campaign critiques and/or hot seats for members to look at their campaigns, goals, funnels, split-testing and analysis.

    Checklists and templates for the different methods.

    Traffic analysis tools. The good, the bad and ugly. Must haves etc.

    Full training on Google Analytics.

    Funnel creation and optimization.

    Training available in pdf, audio and video format so that it is available for any device and at any time or situation. It’ll also ensure that all learning styles are catered for.

    Masterminds: monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly where an outside expert can come and discuss successful campaigns, strategies etc.

    A forum where students/members can meet, discuss, network, support and share ideas, resources, strategies.

    Challenges/competitions possibly even with members creating teams to compete to build networking and sharing skills/knowledge as well as having fun while learning and building businesses.

    Phew! I’m sure there’s more but as someone who has a new site/business and is about to launch it to the world that’s what I’d hope to find.

    Love the new site by the way Kim.

    Thanks for the opportunity & good luck to the lucky winner:)


  9. Susan Permenter 11 April 2013 at 9:56 am Permalink

    Wow, Kim,

    Hard question for me to answer. I have been in on the “outer fringes” of the learning curve for quite a long time and haven’t seem to make a small success of consistency of a paycheck. Some; but nothing to brag about. Partly my fault in the respect that I can’t seem to find my niche. When I started three years ago, I could hardly navigate the computer. I really didn’t even know how to copy and paste. Pitiful, huh. Anyways, I have always enjoyed your emails filled with zeal and the stability every business should have. I don’t want to give up and enjoy trying everyday. Thank you for your “blood, sweat and tears” you have invested in your business. I am excited for you on this new product launch.

    Take care,

    Susan Permenter

  10. erin holcomb 11 April 2013 at 10:00 am Permalink

    I understand the theory and on the surface how it works. But when you get down to the processes…actually performing the skills necessary, i’m lost! It confuses me and therefore i get nowhere fast! I don’t know if what i am suggesting is possible but here goes. Have step by step hold your hand through the process tutorials…for every necessary step. Maybe take an actual website, offer, etc….and show actual steps taken to make it profitable. I kmow you can’t do that with your more profitable ones…but maybe something not profitable but to show tge steps. ?? I like what you’re doing with contests…always gives people a push. But if i don’t know what to do…i can’t compete. I want to…need to do this. I want to…need to be successful.

  11. Mike Moore 11 April 2013 at 10:00 am Permalink

    All the training and resources you have provided have been valuable, tested and helpful. After 4+ years of building sites, trying to rank them, monitize them, promote them and gather subscribers for auto-responder relationship building and product promotion…none of it has amounted to a hill of beans!

    What I believe is needed is a program to audit what an online marketer is doing and re-direct efforts that are off-base to the correct path to online success.


  12. Jim 11 April 2013 at 10:04 am Permalink

    To make the Platinum Coaching Program Rock here are a few suggestions.

    Offer List Building Tips, tricks and techniques that actually work.
    Offer Social Media money making secrets.
    Offer JV and affiliate training.
    Offer outsourcing training.
    Offer as a training module how to create your own product.
    Offer how to create a membership site with full training.
    Offer how to setup an automated infrastructure process
    Let the members know how to overcome online roadblocks.

    Along with the above I would like to see live training on how to implement the above offers.

  13. Diane 11 April 2013 at 10:05 am Permalink

    I think it would be great to have a live Q&A. It is easy to go and read blogs etc and email questions but a way of connecting with others to help each other build their online businesses would be great.

    If we can help each other and form our own contacts as the newbies become experienced we can then helps other newbies and support each other.

    As we grow we can all pay it forward by helping others.


  14. Kath 11 April 2013 at 10:09 am Permalink

    Hello, I would like to see a course that combines Internet marketing tools, success coaching strategies in terms of how to personalize your website or content to reach a maximum audience, business Internet strategies that reflect popular business ideas, such as, articles that sell clickbank products to a website that targets a particular interest, such as, where to holiday for families, to a website that actually sells something, and how that particular business could be combined with the best type of internet marketing tools.

    Also, for those that don’t know what they want to do online for a home business, some strategies or a plan to narrow down a passionate interest with a potentially successful business idea. In other words, a complete structure from formulating a business idea, to deciding how to communicate that idea (articles, website, selling), to finding a potentially successful way to communicate that idea (I.e. The niche or the angle of the business), to then apply the most successful Internet marketing strategies, and then to continue innovating your content & communication with existing & potential traffic.

    This program would be unlike any other, in that it would completely guide you (as a novice or experienced Internet marketer) from the very beginnings of drafting & planning an online business, through to teaching about the best kinds of competitive content, to Internet marketing strategies that would fit any type of online business model, plus provide success coaching tips to guide you through the program so that at any time you don’t feel lost, confused or like the challenge is too big. It would also be really good to see examples of small things you can do for an online business that can provide results no matter how small, so as to see that progress is and can be made. If the course can flow with not just heaps of great information, but guidance as to how and what you could use this information for that would be very beneficial.

    Thank you!! :-)

  15. Cathy 11 April 2013 at 10:10 am Permalink

    Hey Kim,

    I would love to see the most effective way to set up a simple website for the best way for click throughs, be it ads that we may place on the site or such.

    Simple key notes on how to write effective copy for our website and/or ad placements through all of the different ad placing mediums.

    The accountability section would play a major part in the program, I know it would help us in seeing progress that we may never have seen before, this is where alot of programs fail.

    Can’t wait for next week!

    Thank you!!

  16. Fredrick 11 April 2013 at 10:15 am Permalink

    The problem with one online business is only one: traffic. A person, an enterpreneur can be very good in doing something (real stuff, services and so on), but if he can’t attract his potential customers, revenues are equal to zero. The problem I have faced with my website for instance is very interesting. I am a good trader specialized in stock picking in the Nasdaq stock market. In my website there is something that is unique in the world (I predic the movement of this index very well and then I begin with my stock picking techniques) and even if my advice is absolutely free for the moment, I find it very difficult to attract new followers to my website. So, what better conditions could I offer than so? One high level and free service? I don’t think that there may be many others. So the problem of online business today is not only to attract interested traffic related to the niche your business is in, but also you need to find out customers who are willing to spend some money with you. So, I think that in your next book, you should face not the problem of traffic in general: it is useless. You should face the problem of targeted traffic for the niche market a person is willing to have an online business in. You shoul explain how, when and where to attract targeted niche traffic. This would be very precious and it would be the solution of every internet based business.

    Kind regards, Fredrick

  17. Edwin Torres 11 April 2013 at 10:17 am Permalink

    Personal email chat support, step by step video training plus biweekly live webinars answering our questions.

    A private forum where members can chat and network about traffic, new traffic experiments members may be doing, and where members can answer other members questions to help you out a bit.

    A Skype group and or s Facebook group exclusively for Traffic Live members would be pretty boss aswell.

    Of course please include your traffic Rolodex and a section where you post new traffic sources/techniques YOU may be doing.

    Hope I win LOL, thanks :-)

    • Edwin Torres 11 April 2013 at 10:23 am Permalink

      And if you want ideas on the actual content to include inside of Traffic Live you can set it up like so kinda like a timeline where you assume everyone is a newbie and you take them through the appropriate steps and techniques until they’re a traffic expert.

      So you can give them simple stuff to drive traffic like blogging than slowly transition to list building then to PPC for example.

      You can also set it up with daily tasks they must do. I saw this one product that doesn’t let you continue until you check off that you’ve done the daily tasks. So the people can decide when its the right time to move onto the next part of the training so they won’t get information overload.

      Whoa that was a lot of solid advice I hope haha.


      • Edwin Torres 11 April 2013 at 10:26 am Permalink

        One last thing you can also invite Traffic Experts you know to come on and share their expertise in a monthly or bimonthly webinar so we can get other peoples advice, and strategies and you guys can bounce off ideas off each other.

        And you can have a section to highlight the traffic live student of the week or month and give them some free publicity.

    • KimRoach 13 April 2013 at 12:33 pm Permalink

      Hi Edwin,

      These are some great ideas :)

      In fact, we already had some of these on our list!

      Thanks for your feedback.



  18. Clifton 11 April 2013 at 10:18 am Permalink

    Hi Kim ! Great idea asking for our “input” !!!
    Here’s what I would like to see …
    Step by step VIDEOS of how to set up things like ; a complete sales funnel, Word press blog, SEO ranking, how & why to “brand’ yourself, best ways to get traffic, best ways to do affiliate marketing, best ways to do VIDEO marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and email marketing.
    Google+, Linkden, etc. & why. Photoshop or other graphic editor training. Off-line Marketing & Advertising. Continuing research on where the internet is heading and WHAT the Billions of people are looking for currently and each month.

    Maybe even have guest teachers/speakers/webinars with great content but not a pitch fest of course…

    Also make your ENTIRE program an Affiliate Program so we could help you market it and make income ALSO !!!

    I KNOW this is a HUGH list, but to be the BEST you need to offer as MUCH as you can (that actually works) at a very reasonable monthly subscription. (You may need to hire a FULL time staff! LOL )

    Thanks for allowing me to “cast my vote & ideas!)
    Looking forward to see what you come up with!
    God Bless YOU !

    • KimRoach 11 April 2013 at 9:51 pm Permalink

      Hey Clifton,

      Thanks so much for your submission!

      But just to be clear – this isn’t a membership site.

      It’s an 8-week coaching program.

      – Kim

  19. Phil 11 April 2013 at 10:22 am Permalink

    I think a lot of the above comments are good. I too, have some ideas to consider. Mobile Marketing is loaded with traffic, everybody’s got a smart phone these days. If you could provide an easy way to make apps, along with mobile ready sites this would be great. I think this is fertile ground for expanding marketing efforts. Part of this idea would be to find an advertising medium to use. Apps are great for this, but also explore other methods such as SEO and maybe maps. Umm… why not borrow a map program (ie:Google Maps) and include an ad slot that could intuitively provide relevant ads for products from Amazon or others. You could market the service to big name advertisers or rent ad space to anyone. Or serve up ads via adsense, just to get it going. Some of the names of this product would be catchy like; WayHome, Mapgame (maybe make a game out of it), mapsrus, FindIt, these are just a few name that come to mind. I think of a milliion ideas like these, everyday. Whether I win your scholarship or not, I do enjoy sharing ideas. Thanks for the opportunity. Phil

  20. Geo 11 April 2013 at 10:28 am Permalink

    Up to date / Current trends / what is working now presented in a step by step process that helps eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed


  21. Lucy 11 April 2013 at 10:29 am Permalink

    Simple & Powerful, all your training is excellent.
    When we implement, the results will follow.
    Thanks Kim

  22. Larry 11 April 2013 at 10:33 am Permalink

    hi Kim,

    I really enjoyed your post yesterday. It seemed to come from your heart and was really authentic. For me, to really make the course successful and to be the best it has to be requires two things. If the money is in the list then it has to be about…

    1)Driving profitable traffic to a Site and
    2)Building a profitable list.

    Driving profitable traffic to a site I believe, would include starting off with the right research for your market. Knowing where your customers are and how to build a repoire With them seems to be crucial. I believe that also would include learning how to build a trustworthy relationships with people online, like you have done. One of the problems online seems to be the trust factor. Everyone wants to give you something for your e-mail, but most of the time it is junk. It’s kind of funny, most of the gurus will tell you the money in the list, but they market to it like it is not. Sending junk mail after junk. You provide quality content so I usually open your e-mail. So I think, teaching how to provide quality content to your list would be part of the course that rocks for me. As well as, where to find quality content.

    Before we can build a list we need to have a quality landing page. So that too, but need to be part of the course. I think adding online chat sessions would be great and maybe establishing smaller groups where people can work together 1 on 1. I know you’re course of his success looking forward to learning more about.

    Take care,

    • KimRoach 13 April 2013 at 12:37 pm Permalink

      Hey Larry,

      Great ideas here!

      Really glad you enjoyed my recent email as well :)

      I LOVE writing. Marketing becomes a LOT of fun when you
      infuse a little personality. I think that’s what most of
      the ‘gurus’ are missing.

      – Kim

  23. That Davinator Guy 11 April 2013 at 10:39 am Permalink

    One of the coolest things I’ve recently seen done, that really appears
    to be helping students see the results that they are after is this:

    1. Students are placed into groups of 5 to 7 people. This in their own
    personal Mastermind group.

    2. Each week, they meet on Google Hangouts to discuss how everybody is
    coming along with the given tasks for the week. Also, to create
    long lasting friendships in the business (fearless allies if you will).

    3. Each person also picks a “personal” accountability partner that
    they can call on anytime for help, or simply lean on for a bit of
    support if needed. This is a person from their Mastermind group.

    Skype ID’s are exchanged etc..could be phone numbers etc.

    4. A scoring system is put into place. Points could be given for
    each member creating a blog post, video for YouTube, Lead Magnet,
    commenting on eachothers blogs or other content, help syndicating one
    anothers content etc…for more traffic

    5. Each Mastermind group competes against one another for the accumulation of weekly points generated.

    6. Rewards or prizes could be given to the winning Mastermind group
    each week. This could be a cash prize, perhaps a personal one on one
    call..something along those lines. Maybe a Mastermind training session
    with a special guest etc.

    7. After so many weeks, or perhaps for the time duration of the coaching program…the Mastermind group that has accumulated the
    most points, wins something AWESOME. Awesome, I suppose is something
    designed by the creator of the training program. Something that
    has a great incentive for all of the Mastermind groups to want to
    achieve, so they can win it etc.

    Anyways, I have seen this done recently, and it really seems to work
    for keeping students moving ahead and motivated, and to REALLY gain
    some excellent “headway” in their business from the training program.

    That would be great to see, and might give you a few ideas….that
    your own “awesomeness” might not have considered for your program yet Kim:-)

  24. Davis Fiedler 11 April 2013 at 10:40 am Permalink

    Simple for me to answer! A cookbook. I have just starting selling a product online. There is a TON of “training” but, actually, too much training! Free or paid? How much of a budget to make sales? Where to really spend the money? Buy leads? From whom? I spent $400 dollars for 100 optins and zero sales. Facebook, linkedin, google+ etc etc etc-how? Well you get the point. I have given up twice in the last two months and then gone back a couple of days later and said NO! I CAN do this. I think most newbies spend 90% of their time learning, but only 10% DOING and, ultimately that is what “burns them out.” It needs to be the other way around. Do first, 85% of the time ans THEN learn more and APPLY! So for me, a day by day, do this check list to build traffic and the list, with a coach to be accountable too and to make corrections and tweaks to keep seeing results. We need results to justify continuing. We all know the story of the ship. It leaves port to cross the ocean but needs constant correction to stay on course. If the compass is broken the ship and crew are in peril. The Coach is the compass to keep he ship on course.

  25. Dean Lodge 11 April 2013 at 10:41 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    What an amazing opportunity! I follow you faithfully and have gained invaluable insight from your blog! (ok, enough of the flattery and boot licking! Lol)

    1. I would say my biggest challenge has been in building traffic that leads to building a following. So, first I would find it very valuable to learn more on traffic building, and some of the newer avenues to explore regarding traffic building.

    2. I love when I find case studies. It gives someone a true look at what is possible in a real situation. So whether they are live case studies or past case studies, I would benefit from them.

    3. A clear and concise plan of action that can lead to success is something I would like more information on. Sometimes I find myself just hitting and missing on money making ideas and never really feel like I am moving forward in control of what I am doing.

    4. And I would love to hear from guest speakers that have had success with internet marketing and listen to what they have to say and what ideas have worked for them. Being in the midst of success breeds success.

    Thanks for listening and hopefully I have given you some ideas. If you need more boot-licking and gushing, let me know! Lol


  26. Mark Montgomery 11 April 2013 at 10:42 am Permalink

    How to make Traffic Live Rock and Roll?

    Kim, you already have developed a most excellent and compelling method of speaking truth and reality with your video style. Your traffic generating methods not only help today but continue on the net for years! Your ageless methods and constant updates should be featured and promoted. I, for one, have found posts from a couple of years ago that are still intriguing.

    Top Ten Ways To Make Traffic Live Platinum Coaching Rock and Roll!

    (1) Start with using video teaching as your foundation.

    (2) How about opening each session/video with an energetic rock, rockabilly, or hot country song?

    (3) Continue introducing little known and little utilized methods to keep your techniques and teaching unique.

    (4) Provide tips on how students can take the techniques and leverage them into ongoing income sources.

    (5) Lay out the steps in your normal, easy to follow instructions, each step building on the one before it.

    (6) PDF files and Word documents with all the video content and resources would be ideal.

    (7) Develop an autorespondeer series that would send out the teaching/tips on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, something that would allow a student to regenerate a system they can use to mentor others.

    (8) Build the program in such a way that a student can rebrand the program and promote Kim Roach as the Traffic Queen! (since you are)

    (9) Do a quick and recorded follow-up questions and answers seminar after each major traffic method. Translate it into a pdf and make it available.

    (10) Pour on the Southern Charm – We love it! And it helps make your brand unique!


    (11) Always deliver a Super Secret Sneaky Bonus Tip that won’t be found anywhere else.

    Your training and information stands on it’s own. But, you always deliver more than anyone is expecting and following the top ten (11) methods will rock the traffic generating world like never before!

    Your Friend and Follower,


  27. Mark 11 April 2013 at 10:46 am Permalink

    Hi Kim

    I have been marketing online now since the internet began, so around 20 years now. I have purchased many products, some have been good and many have been very bad. So, if you want to be different and are capable of doing it, of which I believe you are, you need to show step by step, over the shoulder exactly what you do to get traffic (without leaving anything out).

    I think many times online you buy products, even the good ones and are left feeling that the tutor is keeping the best back for themselves.

    If you want a truly amazing community and your reputation to go through the roof you have to share your deepest darkest traffic secrets and show everyone exactly what you do and the results you get from it (without cheating:)). That is analytics data (before and after)including traffic sources, referring sites etc… and also do everything live, do not have a pre setup domain, start right from the very beginning.


  28. Michael Gorman 11 April 2013 at 10:47 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,
    I think there will always be a mixture of needs-you have the people for whom the process of putting a business together is a mystery, and the ways in which you construct the different components. And you will have the more advanced needs of people who have put it all together, but need targeted traffic.
    So-the platinum training should have
    1.Practical directions on building pages, and using plugins, banners,social media linkages e.t.c
    2.Ways to attract specific types of traffic-directly to your business
    the whole enchilada-articles, forums, advertising (cheap)SEO, linkages
    3. State of mind coaching-keeping the positive spirits up-vanquishing self-doubt and apathy-fitness-diet-sleep-community building-self confidence training.
    All the best!

  29. Cathy Mahony 11 April 2013 at 10:49 am Permalink

    I would like to see over the shoulder training in a step by step manner with live questions as you go along to clarify information on how to build a list and drive traffic.


  30. Peter Sherman 11 April 2013 at 10:54 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    Actually the posters above suggested the most important topics of a traffic coaching program already. So, what can I add?

    Well, to me the most important thing, besides learning about traffic methods that work TODAY, would be getting insights of how to set up automated sales funnels. And also tips about how to best convert the traffic coming to our website.

    Getting traffic is only useful when a)it converts well, and b)gets funneled into a sales funnel that includes front end offer, up-sells and down-sells.



  31. Cathi 11 April 2013 at 10:55 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    The way I learn best is usually videos showing a step by step process of how to do something new. Getting traffic has always been the “hard” part for me. Since I believe you are the “traffic queen”, I know you have the knowledge to help others in this area.

    I have learned so much in the last more than 3 years but I have never conquered the traffic part of being successful online. It would be helpful if your training includes a forum where people can help each other out and questions get answered quickly. What is helpful to most people, is a step by step process to be done in order. This is especially a plus to newcomers.

    I think many of us are lost when it comes to what steps we should be taking daily and in what order. Sometimes I think time is what many of us lack. If others are like me, I simply don’t know where to start beyond the obvious things to do to get traffic. I am usually burning the midnight oil (with my favorite Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha ;-)) My family and raising my wonderful sons has taken priority but now with them off to college or working already, the time is now for me to explore and be a sponge.

    Thank you for your kind offer to help someone and I will truly be happy for the winner.


  32. Juanita Osborne 11 April 2013 at 11:00 am Permalink


    Have everything and more below in focus sessions so that we can learn how to implement ONE piece at a time to find success, so that members are not overwhelmed and can do 3 things a day or week to making money, getting more traffic, a huge list of subscribers,Traffic generation resources, tools, tips, methods…Your Fabulous Coaching via Live Sessions…since it is a coaching program being offered…I love all your videos :), and Monetizing a blog or creating a marketing funnel more effectively…

    Well them’s my two cents…Hope I win! Either way, I am looking forward to the launch :)


  33. Nicole 11 April 2013 at 11:01 am Permalink

    I’d like to see an over the shoulder view of how to “blow up” a website with three main traffic sources. Select one students site and do the step by step work each week so that students can watch it grow.

  34. Jim Derr 11 April 2013 at 11:05 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    Here is some of the content, features, resources, and training I would
    like to see inside Traffic LIVE?

    First of all I would like to see instruction included on all the various methods of getting traffic: free and paid. Training available in print, and video format including mind maps and checklists for the different methods. Show how one method may work with other methods in a systematic approach. Show a system you would use for a certain product.

    Second, show how effective those methods are with analytical tracking breakdowns on visitors, leads and conversions. Some split testing thrown in to show how this market reacted to different offers and approaches.

    Third, a ever evolving area of traffic sources and resources. Resources include the best tracking tools, AR’s, content creation tools or methods, best conversion methods and funnel creation and optimization methods.

    Fourth, I think Tuesday or Wednesday live weekly trainings would be best. Include a live case study. I like your term “Weekly Blitz”.

    Fifth, a forum or mastermind group or a live hangout where members can meet, to discuss, to network, to share ideas, resources, strategies and systems.

    Sixth, the entire group of members network to create/build a joint project, sharing skills and knowledge, then marketing that project as a group having a rotating system of getting paid on the project for all members.

    Hope that helps,

  35. DeVonne Batts 11 April 2013 at 11:06 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    I would love to have the following in the program:

    – Zero to Traffic Jam Case Studies: this is where you would select people from the class that
    are getting zero to very little traffic, develop a traffic plan with them, implement it and let us watch the traffic jam come.
    – Hot seats
    – Class contests with us using your favorite traffic building strategies
    – Accountability partnering

    I’m looking forward to your program.



  36. Daniel 11 April 2013 at 11:07 am Permalink

    Over the shoulder training, hands down….

    But with a twist!

    Why not walk some lucky brave soul through the process LIVE?

    Not only are you letting us peak over your shoulder and watch while you do somethinglive…

    But you specifically do it with/for a member.

    It would be like watching a private one on one training session and still get the chance to ask questions durin the process.

    Just adds a sense of realism and sense of accomplishment for everyone involved.

  37. John Abbotts 11 April 2013 at 11:14 am Permalink

    I think that having ‘backup’ and the ability to ‘brainstorm’ at least once a week as a group helps solve problems people have or may come across in the future. I am a ‘loner’ and was using your Dashboard before it vanished into the ether. So; Obtaining traffic, increasing traffic and generally any constructive critisism would be appreciated.
    Thank you for your kind offer of assistance adn the best of luck to you both for the future.
    Love and Light John

    • KimRoach 13 April 2013 at 12:41 pm Permalink

      Hey John,

      The Traffic Dashboard is still LIVE :)

      We just had to move it over to BuzzBlogger.org.

      If you need help logging in just shoot me an email :)



  38. Shawn Johnson 11 April 2013 at 11:19 am Permalink

    1. What sort of content, features, resources, and training would
    you like to see inside Traffic LIVE?

    Thinking this over I have come up with a some ideas that I believe everyone would want. They are as follows:


    Easy to follow tabs to locate information. This will help navigation through out the membership site.

    Provide tutorial videos or audious that teach on on: creating a funnel, the lead generation blue print, how to build a list from scratch, how to swap list, the correct way to use solo ads, how to get other peopel to buil dyour list for you, how to properly blog to generate a following, how to use press releaases, how to use article marketing to build your business, how to out source part of your business..etc

    Google Hangout where you evaluate members businesses as far as their lead generation strategies, content , blogs etc. Work sheets to help us keep up with our progress in our lead generation process (status report)

    Resources: that provide members with places to get differnt services that will help us in our lead and traffic generation process.

    Recorded audios such as private interviews you may have done with other super star marketers. Personal development audios helping members with their marketing mindset.

    Up to date information of what is working now and what you are doin gnow to build your business and generate your traffic.

    Facebook support group

    weekly webinars on things happening in the marketing world and how we can use them to build out business.

    Affiliate program where members cna earn money promoting the training program AND GENERATE INCOME HELPING OTHERS SUCCEED.



    Offer a live event for members to attend wher eyou can train up close and in person on how to build a business from strach in 90 days.

    I have more ideas but I think this is enough.

    Hey Kim I hope these ideas are awesome … thanks for letting me share my ideas.

  39. Neicy 11 April 2013 at 11:24 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    I’m excited to join this upcoming program.

    Personally, I am hoping to see (as I hope you will offer) step-by-step instructions on how to build a money system. I’ve been apart of a lot of programs that just ‘tell’ you how to build a business but DON’T actually walk you thru creating the money tree or sales funnel from A to Z…technically.

    I will need the whole kit-and-kaboodle and OVER-THE-SHOULDER, please:

    1) profitable niche picking (common and/or obscure – starving crowds, possibly)
    2) keyword research (best tools (free and/or paid), best kw words to choose to convert traffic)[since you’re a genius with getting traffic other ways than SEO no need to go over competition unless you so desire]

    3) choosing products to promote/finding affiliate programs or creating our own mini-product to sell as a result of the keywords we find (small ebook, video course, etc)

    Walk-thru, technical teaching of how to:

    4) set up sales page with payment processor along with sales letter creation or video sales letter creation and product hosting (when selling our own products) or the best way to structure our affiliate pages for best possible conversions.

    5) capturing both sale and email address to build a list during the transaction (how to set this up technically)

    6) progressive steps when starting traffic/promotion campaign. i.e., do ‘this first’, do ‘that’ next, etc.
    *best way to create videos for conversions (intended for distribution)
    *best bookmarking sites
    *paid traffic tactics (cheap and not so cheap)
    *how rank our little affiliate sites if we choose to do that

    7) whatever else you want to give I’m sure will be GOLD! I know you’ve taught on a lot of this stuff in the past so if you want to integrate it into this training I would very much appreciate it!

    I always have the puzzle pieces but I never know the best way to utilize them and put them together to make a system and get it going.

    Looking forward to whatever you do and of course, I hope to get the scholarship! I would NOT squander it, that’s for sure! Thanks for the opportunity.

  40. Dr.Mani 11 April 2013 at 11:24 am Permalink

    I’ll vote for PDFs listing specific traffic sources and explaining how best to tap into them, as well as completed case studies showing the good and bad of specific traffic techniques and channels.

    Another nice addition might be the chance to ask you a question or two about specific issues or get feedback on a proposed traffic campaign – though I understand it might well be overwhelming if there are many students. Maybe a group Q&A where everyone will benefit from the answer might make it worthwhile?

    All success

  41. Peter C 11 April 2013 at 11:30 am Permalink

    After years of purchasing internet marketing courses and bouncing around from one new thing to another, the number one thing that I believe has held me back as well as others is…


    If years ago I had just made a simple website that built a list and sold a product or two, I’d very likely have a successful online business today that could support a lifestyle of my choosing.

    Here’s it what would help me most in your coaching program…

    1) Monthly coaching calls (even if they were just 20-30 minutes) that could help keep me focused and on track towards my ultimate goal. These calls would also help in not feeling like a lonely entrepreneur on an island :-)

    2) Checklist and strategies for setting up a profitable sales funnel (layered in phases from simple to more complex)

    3) Checklist and strategies for driving traffic (layered from inexpensive/free to paid)

    Really what I would like is SIMPLIFICATION… Not a big box of stuff going into every nuance and detail… I want to learn how to move the BIG BLOCKS to move my business forward.



  42. StevenA 11 April 2013 at 11:35 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    My comments are:
    1. How to pick absolute advanced money keywords in hot trending markets now… and in the future.

    2. How to combine site names into trending markets and test and get stats on aged domains before purchase.

    3. How to get and lock onto EDU and Gov links that produce the biggest bang for the buck. forget 5-ver they don’t stick

    4. Fastest way to 3K automated traffic buildup in 30 days for $150 or less. How to combine the whole site package to make money NOW.

    5. I spent more money and trained till I had a heart attack from all the lies and scams on how to make it online. My wife has stage 4 breast cancer and I need money NOW not more lies and BS scams.

    6. Do this major task in 30 days and make money,”real money” and not be a con-artist and con people out of their money but be a respectable business person with a legit whatever… and not one more of the millions of scumbags latching onto peoples needs like I’ve witnessed already.

  43. Terrance Rogers 11 April 2013 at 11:36 am Permalink

    Most Coaching programs , always leave Out important Steps, So the Buyer keeps having to buy Additional programs from the gurus. I would like to finally Get, true coaching, with Actual Marketing tactics. That You really Need to Use. I would also like to Learn, how To create a high converting squeeze Page. Last I Would Like a Mastermind group which Has Group Buys Of Ads.I do believe You are the real Deal, thats why I want to be coached by you.

  44. Ed 11 April 2013 at 11:38 am Permalink

    Wow such elaborate and creative thoughts…I just simply want to know how to create and get traffic from many platforms..Because I’m going broke with nothing to show but $0.00. Looking forward to learning as much as possible and coming out a winner!

  45. atif 11 April 2013 at 11:42 am Permalink

    Honestly Kim, there are so many programs out there that give massive amount of contents and just leave the members overwhelmed.

    I’m not interested in tons and tons of information, but rather what some of the top things that are working right right now.

    That’s one thing.

    Another aspect I would like to see is how YOU are helping your members grow their business. So real case studies like these are Gold together with success stories.

    that’s a 2nd thing I would like to see.

    Nothing beats personal coaching and accountability.

    I have already started a business and now I am stuck.
    This is where the one on one coaching (even if it’s email or skype chat) is GOLD.
    The ability to get direct answers is amazing because not everyone can attend webinars and they tend to get flooded anyways.

    that’s 3rd.

    That’s pretty much it for a guy who is already taking action and is stuck.

    The more you give the more I’ll think that I need to know before i take action.

    I’m just interested in how i can laser focus in on my market, drive massive traffic using a few sources and then PROFITABLY convert the traffic into long term customers.

    the end.

  46. Todd 11 April 2013 at 11:51 am Permalink


    There are eleventy-dozen different *legal* ways to make money online. There are also eleventy-dozen proponents for each of these methods sending out newsletter solicitations for purchasing their products which results in eleventy-dozen squared emails piling in each day.

    The weight of that many electrons in my inbox is causing a massive gravitational glue-trap around my PC and TV. That leaves me with only .037 nanoseconds per email message before I can escape the gravity. If I escape, I’m too mind-boggled to actually “do” something monetarily useful.

    My suggestion: Three mini-courses in secession – “How to make a dollar a day online”, “How to then make ten dollars a day”, and finally “How to make 100 dollars a day online”.

    Simple, direct, reproducible, and digestible enough that I can block out all the other noise and just follow the recipe.

    Put training wheels on my bike and push me down the sidewalk. Once I can pedal myself along like that for 20 feet or so, I can skin my knees and learn to go fast and take the training wheels off and start pedaling towards freedom (self imposed joblessness).

    Just a dollar a day, then I can believe…

  47. Charles 11 April 2013 at 11:51 am Permalink

    I would want to see over the shoulder training on how you make money through affiliate marketing – and building a list…which is the most important thing anyone can do. From keyword research to applying to affiliate networks like PKM, Max Bounty etc, to building landing pages to Adwords and media buys on the perfect sites.

  48. Joe Kubicek 11 April 2013 at 11:52 am Permalink


    My wish…my hope…my prayer…is that someone (KIM) will create a program that will help a person (ME) to take my information product (really great content) and connect all the dots of how to position it, promote it, drive traffic to it, collect payment for it, deliver it, and build my list from it. THEN, develop a long-term relationship with my list!

    I’m not asking for the world……am I? ;-))


  49. Mark Bradley 11 April 2013 at 11:52 am Permalink

    Hey Kim,

    I would like to see paid and free methods for building a list,traffic
    tactics that work right now both free and paid, and some info.
    on using video marketing to build a list.

    Most of all having someone that can respond to questions someone may have,would be the real kicker.I know this is something you already do Kim, via email,webinars etc.
    I think that’s something people really appreciate about you,you’re someone who cares about others and wants them to succeed.If you can emphasise that personal angle in your upcoming product I think you will do very well.

  50. Katie 11 April 2013 at 11:54 am Permalink

    It’s an obvious reality that more and more people reach out to the all mighty web to answer daily question several times a day. I feel the most vital content to be included is anything and everything that is fresh and quick cutting to the chase. We need to deliver people information in a way that is straight forward and to the point minus the sales pitchy stuff of the past and sadly some in the here and now.


    How to address the tablet, smart phone and iPhone users as everyone uses their devices to search the web.

    Deliver the information they seek in an easy and simple format minus any fluff.

    Become the go to source for information, reviews and answers directing people where they want to go in a timely and informative manner.

  51. Julio 11 April 2013 at 11:58 am Permalink

    Not basic stuff. Since is called Traffic Live.

    I assume this is for people that need to learn new/best ways to get targeted traffic.

    I really think that a goal of 1000 targeted traffic daily is a great goal that everyone inside your program should be looking for.
    And I think if everyone inside shares their working techniques will be awesome.

    I think techniques to achieve 1k daily visitors includes:

    1. Best marketing techniques
    2. What tools are best (From more keyword research thru content creation and usage of that content)
    3. What can be achieved in less time and spend less money.

    Then while reaching the 1k goal:
    4. Great ROI improvements
    5. CTR and conversion techniques
    6. Rinse and Repeat process this is outsourcing or best practices to repeat all process in different niches.

    Everyone on this class should be able to look for traffic and hoe to get ir fast. As white hat as possible.

  52. Dom Valentine 11 April 2013 at 12:03 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim

    OK – I believe that everything that I would want in a coaching class has already been asked for in the earlier comments so, in a change of direction I’d like to vote for ‘That Davinator Guy’ to be the winner of your scholarship as I believe that his ideas for the Platinum level are what a program such as this requires.

    Although all of the other posters have very real and valid concerns are they really the stuff that a ‘Platinum’ level course should be dealing with?

    Platinum level denotes that those who are members have reached a certain level (in my opinion) and so already know how to set up websites / funnels / social media etc. etc.

    Anyways – That Davinator Guy for Traffic Live Scholar 2013 ! Yay!

    P.S. Disclaimer – I don’t know the guy – never met, spoken or interacted with him in any way prior to making this post.

  53. Carla 11 April 2013 at 12:07 pm Permalink

    I would like to see a streamlined blueprint. I like step by step instructions to do things properly so I can stay focused easier. It is soooo easy to get side tracked and overwhelmed when attempting online business and I find myself getting flustered very easily and essentially accomplishing nothing. So, basically, soup to nuts! How much social marketing, how much article marketing, when to outsource, where are your limited dollars best spent, etc, etc. and then….how to automate and/or streamline the whole shibang!
    I have total trust in you!

  54. Harmeet Singh 11 April 2013 at 12:16 pm Permalink

    Hello Kim,
    The course should have the following content

    1)Give an over the shoulder training to a newbie to make
    money online with the traffic strategies illustrated by you.
    That will be the biggest endorsement of the course and a
    lucky person will make money online giving a very strong
    testimonial as well.

    2)Case studies again present a very laser focused approach
    for the coaching member to attain similar results as highlighted
    in the study

    3)Training most preferably in the video format due to ease
    of learning for everyone from newbie to experienced

    4)Regular webinars leading to a all round learning of all the

    5)Success stories of various members can be shared with other
    members highlighting the system followed by them.

    6)Checklist and templates as well to educate the members


  55. Ted 11 April 2013 at 12:26 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,
    What I’d like to see is live case studies, and I think it would be super cool if you would actually make a case study out of the lucky winner of the free membership and start at very beginning of getting a website up and running. I mean from niche selection to choosing a domain name, choosing a wordpress theme and plugins, populating the site with content, link building, etc.
    That way we could all see what goes into making a successful site really tick, and if you held a webinar every week or two we could all catch up on what’s been done to the site and actually follow along while making sites of our own. It would be fun to compare the progress of a case study site alongside our own sites. And on the webinars you could highlight member sites and offer advice if site owners have specific questions.

    I think case studies are a really great way to learn.

    Thanks for all you do for us!


  56. Carol Amato 11 April 2013 at 12:31 pm Permalink

    Hey Kim!

    ==> ALL-INCLUSIVE “over-the-shoulder” thorough training on ONE traffic method no matter how long it takes…

    What’s working now, why it’s working now, how to do it (entirely A-Z, no stones left unturned), when and where…

    Love what you’re doing!
    – Carol

  57. Deborah Gauthier 11 April 2013 at 12:33 pm Permalink

    Traffic Live should have multiple ways to naturally generate leads that can be placed into an autoresponder without being rejected so we can build a solid mailing list like you already have in place. It should also include only the most effective ways to use those leads to create a long lasting relationship with our partners. We need to provide quality tips and tricks that can be shared to advance others as well as ourselves. I really enjoy your way of doing things and hope to learn a lot more from you in the future!

  58. Al McCall 11 April 2013 at 12:37 pm Permalink

    I like the idea of a “Super Simple Tip of the week” Just something simple we can do to increase traffic or exposure of our sites. An example is a post you did a while ago “Cool Tip-How to get more Re-tweats” This was a super simple tip that could be implemented in a few minutes and the payoff could be huge.

    Al McCall

  59. Henry 11 April 2013 at 12:38 pm Permalink

    Greetings Kim,

    First of all I really appreciate the effort you are making to ensure this course is the best. Gathering feedback.. this is great.. Thank you..

    Here is what I suggest for the course (high level)

    A timeline approach with newbie/veteran perspective or maybe levels
    – How to establish a business approach (Measuring, tracking) and goal setting
    – The technology perspective of setting up your blog/sales page
    – Traffic strategies (Video/PDF) and audio if possible so folks can listen in their car or while away from the computer.
    – Follow up strategies (email, video, etc.)
    – Daily checklists to ensure completeness (Action Plan)
    – Best practice tools and automation (if possible)
    – Outsourcing – the myth and facts
    – A knowledge base for quick reference
    – Hangouts and ability to share information within the team or experts on a panel to be able to pose questions to or hear their stories

    ** Most importantly information on how to be affective in conversions.

    Thank you for your time Kim!

  60. Mikel Perez 11 April 2013 at 12:41 pm Permalink

    Really, there are a million ways to get traffic out there, both paid and “free” (in fact they are paid with your own time, but I digress).

    IMO the real value of a traffic coaching or training course would not be in throwing 1500 different traffic tactics out there, and letting your customers pick the ones they want… or fall behind due to information overload.

    I think what would give such training *real value* would be to “force” everyone to focus on ONE TRAFFIC TACTIC at a time, starting from the ones that bring the most leverage (maximum results for the minimum effort / cost), and sticking to it, getting deep into it, and making sure everyone is on track and follows the advice for one of their own sites, keeping them accountable for doing it.

    And for that particular tactic, teach it in as many ways as possible, so that it fits every learning style: PDFs, screencasts (with presentations and over-the-shoulder videos), mindmaps, cheatsheets, checklists, hangouts, coaching calls, everything.

    Only once that traffic tactic has been explained, and those who have shown that they really want to get their hands dirty and DO THE WORK have been able to implement it, have everything clear, and are seeing results, then teach another one.

    Rinse and repeat :-)

    I think this is the only way to help people achieve real results, keep them focused on one site and one traffic strategy at a time until they master it.

    Otherwise, it could be yet another “1 thousand ways to get traffic” course, that moves people to consume content but not act on it, or even worse, that ends collecting dust in people’s hard-drives.


  61. Tamera 11 April 2013 at 12:41 pm Permalink

    Teach it like a martial arts class. What I mean by that is show us the first basic move, then have us replicate it, helping each other. Have everyone work with someone else. Then show us the next basic move, then have us replicate it etc.

    This shows us everything we need to do, from the ground up. If you only teach someone how to frame in a wall, they can’t build a house. If you start with clearing the earth and pouring the foundation…then the house can get built.

    Also when students help each other I may be able to see where another student’s technique is off and vice versa. I find that others can help me see my own strengths and weaknesses better than I can sometimes. Also this is beneficial because then you, the teacher, do not have to be with 100 students at once and they can still benefit. When they come back with you for the next lesson they can ask for clarification on anything if they need to.

    Finally working with others helps us learn the power of collaboration and building relationships and allows us to understand the struggles and successes of our fellow students. Instead of learning from one, we now learn from many.

  62. steve hawkins 11 April 2013 at 12:44 pm Permalink

    The thing i would like to see kim is sets of step by step blueprints
    on business areas together with mindmaps of the processes involved
    and videos to support each process (the process in action) with details
    on the best ways to implement each processes and the also the most
    efficient way to test the results.. and tweak the processes for the
    particular business based on those results.

  63. Garry Henshaw 11 April 2013 at 12:46 pm Permalink

    Hiya Kim

    I would like to see a lot regarding the start up, what to blog, how to research, etc but what i really want is more calls to action, procrastination is a killer, so anything that gets us motivated, gets us actually doing something to change our situation.

    You have a very warm and caring approach to everything that you do, so i know this will be done appropriately and with the right amount of persuasion :-)

  64. Don Crame 11 April 2013 at 12:57 pm Permalink

    Kim if you are serious about this and of course you are you have to put everyone on a level playing field.
    This means starting at the beginning explaining it all (because everything has to start at the beginning) . People will come to you with all levels of knowledge some know a lot some know a little and some know nothing so you have to start at base level.
    How many people do we see on forums asking how do I do for instance backlinking and still do not understand after its been explained to them, so you have to take them by the hand and do it yourself first and explain what your doing as you do it. break it down into simple weekly courses with video recordings for replay, with questions and answers on the day.How many times have you seen the words I don’t know where to start on forums? Do I look for a niche that I like or do I research for a niche with low/medium traffic they have no idea on how to IDENTIFY A PROFITABLE NICHE.
    So you have to start at the begining explaining all traffic sources
    Then moving on to the process of making money squeeze pages and thank you pages and download pages with Email marketing (the money is in the list)
    you could offer a wordpress training package for free and also a custom wordpress theme for them to download as part of your course
    you could do some deals with plugin programmers for your course as an incentive .
    the possibilities are endless perhaps even hosting packages but the core thing is to provide easily understandable sections broken down into sizable chunks and presented in a logical order that everyone can follow. Good luck it’s an exciting time.

    • KimRoach 11 April 2013 at 1:01 pm Permalink

      Hey Don,

      You make some great points but this program is certainly not designed for everyone.

      If someone is a super newbie that needs help setting up their blog. Then this
      really is not the program for them.

      There are lots of other (in fact free) training out there that will teach
      people that.

      We are focused specifically on winners who want to win faster.



  65. Wade Hopkins 11 April 2013 at 1:04 pm Permalink

    I lost my job back in June of last year and I found Traffic Dashboard
    early on. I learned a lot but had a difficult time focusing in on one strategy and never really got started. To be honest I didn’t know what to do with traffic anyway. I later joined the Marketing Lab and again learned a great deal, but never really was able to translate it into income.

    I joined a proven lead generation system in October and things began to click. I began doing video marketing and have been able to generate a regular flow of leads now (10-16 per day) and am making some money, but not enough to replace my lost income and pay the bills. I am enjoying learning some basics of SEO and hope to get a blog going in addition to the video marketing. I am getting many of my videos ranked and am building a list, but really don’t know how to monetize things.

    I was able to work with a couple of people one on one for video marketing along the way and that helped me more than all the other stuff put together.

    I don’t need a lot of hand holding, but having someone to go back to and get honest feedback from along the way is invaluable. It is difficult to translate a webinar into an actual business. This is where some personal guidance comes in. They taught me to get videos ranked, but again, didn’t help me learn what to do with the traffic and list in order to monetize it.

    In my opinion, there are lots of people out there like me, who are more than willing to put in the work and are willing to invest in their business, but need some personalized guidance especially in the beginning.

    You mentioned, accountability, mentor and proven system.

    I think you are absolutely correct! That is what got me so excited.

    As far as what I would like to see:

    1. Assignments with followup, the ability to have someone evaluate my progress and give specific and honest feedback is very helpful. Most of us need to be redirected along the way.

    2. The ability to brainstorm with someone as to what the possibilities are is very helpful. Many people assume everyone can get from point A to point B on their own, but sometimes we need to brainstorm in order to hear some possibilities and examples of what is possible. I can then usually take it and run with it at that point. I think most people get stuck in the details and having
    someone help us make steady progress as we work through barriers is huge.

    3. I sometimes feel like I have learned many of the specifics but don’t really understand how to put it all together and make it work as a profitable business.

    Having someone take a look at my overall business plan would be awesome. Help understanding how it all fits together. Where should I be focusing my efforts and resources, etc.

    4. Maybe the ability to pair up or work in small groups would be cool?

    5. Live Q&A’s is a must.

    I have always really appreciated your genuineness and transparency and would love to be able to learn from you on more of a personal level.

    Wade Hopkins

  66. Doug Prentice 11 April 2013 at 1:05 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim
    While the quality of the training is vital what is 10 times more important is the implementation.

    A weekly/fortnightly “meeting” whether by webinar or Facebook group where everyone would have to report on the progress (or lack of) they had made would be the spur to increased implementation.

    Weight Watchers is successful because the “group will” keeps the falterers encouraged to renew their efforts. It also provides deadlines for tasks to be completed with a bit of oreassure as you know you have to “stand up” in front of the group and

    Most of the respondents above are probably similar (me as well) in having hard drives loaded with courses/software that’s never been followed through.

    Well, that’s my threepence worth.

    Best regards

  67. Desiree Turner 11 April 2013 at 1:07 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    I’d love to see over the shoulder training of you setting up traffic campaigns and split testing. It would be great to know which traffic sources are good to use and why.

    It would be great to get a preview of a traffic campaign that you set up from beginning to end. From the product you’re promoting, the ads you’re using, the psychology behind the ads and landing pages you’re using, what things you’re split-testing and anything else that goes into driving traffic.

    I want to know how Kim thinks. I was reading an Tony Robbins book about modeling successful people and how they think and what they do when they’re doing something you’re trying to learn how to do. I’d love to hear you walk us through what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Let us know what you’re thinking when you’re doing something so we can model and duplicate your success.

    Thank you Kim,
    Desiree Turner

  68. uche 11 April 2013 at 1:13 pm Permalink

    Weekly Blitz

  69. Hilda 11 April 2013 at 1:15 pm Permalink

    I STRONGLY agree with Carol Amato, Pat, and Braylon above. Not just tell us what to do BUT how to actually do it. I want to see a step-by-step blueprint from A-Z myself. I’ve joined so many programs in the past that promises the same things. It has left me broke, depressed, and thinking that making money online doesn’t really work. But that’s just my opinion.

    PLEASE…no more “secrets”!

    • Dickinson Eddy 17 April 2013 at 12:08 am Permalink

      Hello Hilda,I agree with you.But don’t give up.Making money online IS POSSIBLE.You just need an HONEST coach.The gurus are teaching you techniques that don’t work.Why? they don’t want to reveal their secrets…

  70. Melissa Galt 11 April 2013 at 1:18 pm Permalink

    Great opportunity, Kim,

    One of the things that has always made you stand out from the crowd is your singular focus on traffic. You know that is your expertise and you don’t try to be all things to all people, like so many do. Stick with your expertise.

    We all need traffic, no matter what business we are in, or if we are based online or offline. It’s the foundation for every business period.

    I loved the recent case study and it was a lot to keep up with. What I’d like to see. . .

    1.Mastery of one tool or strategy at a time, whether that is one per week, or one biweekly so participants avoid overwhelm and stall out.

    2.Laser coaching on the best traffic methods for participants based on niche, business model, and other variables. (This seems trickiest with so many options available.)

    3.Active accountability beyond a private FB group (seems a popular tool) or a forum.

    4.Contests based on a variety of metrics to allow different levels of mastery. Weekly or biweekly, I lean to biweekly. At this point a week feels profoundly short to me.

    5.Rewards for just keeping up with reporting and measurement of metrics. This is a key piece that often gets lost.

    6.The best practices for finding genuinely talented outsource help. I know where to look but the process of finding the right provider buries me.

    7.Guest sessions with your chosen gurus, often the under the radar, behind the scenes brilliance that is driving other more visible experts. (I’ve got a couple I’d be delighted to refer if of any interest.)

    8. Monday Night Marketing Chat idea rocks, rarely have anything that night of the week and cool way to kick off a productive and profitable week.

    9. Definitely expect over-the-shoulder training and live case studies, you excel at these.

    10. Your mindmaps are awesome, just too much in one bite, so if mastery of one tool/strategy at a time based on a complete map is possible, that would rock. (On this note, perhaps each participant can create their own map based on yours but unique with only the strategies and tools they need, instead of every option.)

    11. Your help with focus, another of your strengths and for those of us who are bright shiny opportunity chasers (and most of us are), how do we shut off the noise, and remove the fear of “missing” something (the only thing we miss is our own success.)

    You are a very gifted teacher, trainer and mentor, uniquely patient and encouraging, that is priceless. You are also hype free and refreshingly real. I don’t think there is anyone online who knows as much about traffic strategy, tools, avenues and more as you do.

    I look forward to seeing what you launch, it will be the best value in the business.

    Thanks, Melissa

    • Dickinson Eddy 17 April 2013 at 12:11 am Permalink

      You are absolutely right Melissa.That’s the reason I love Kim.She got it right.If you don’t have Traffic, a lot of TRAFFICS,you don’t have a Business.Period.Take care.

  71. Reza 11 April 2013 at 1:31 pm Permalink

    Hi kim,

    In my idea the 5 most important things that should be included in ‘Traffic Live’ are:

    1. How to write winning articles or create valuable content needed for traffic generation
    2. How to get the most of our articles or other contents
    3. how to get free traffic from social networks
    4. SEO fundamentals and strategies which really work in 2013
    5. paid traffic strategies which don’t require a high budget

    Best regards,

  72. Louis 11 April 2013 at 1:31 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim

    Thank you for all the great tips you have given us lately, it is gold to anyone wanting to create an internet business:)

    I would like to see a COMPLETE SYSTEM that will show any person who wishes to start making their first dollar online, how to do it, and in the shortest time possible.

    The system should contain a full program with day-to-day tasks one can/must follow in the exact steps so the person will be accountable to do everything with videos explaining each step to follow while/where we look over your shoulder how you are doing it.

    There should also be weekly webinars that are recorded, where people can ask questions about that weeks action steps.

    Last but not least the system should also explain in the end what one must do to scale things up to increase income and traffic on a monthly basis in the best way, so you don’t waste money unnecessarily.

    A list with all the best resource like these Fiverr tips you just gave us, which are such great resources with excellent value for money to help you in your business :)

    Thanks for all the great info and interesting emails that light up my day :)

    Kind Regards.

  73. Guillaume 11 April 2013 at 1:35 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    I think what would make a platinum program is to have a 30 days or 60 days plan with an evolution of training that shows step by step what and how to do to generate traffic, with every days a specific action to take. This would build the foundation from day 1 with having 0 visitor to have let’s say 5,000 visitors a day in day 30 (or 60)of training.

    Everyday people would have nothing to do but what you teach and show in the day training.


  74. Todd 11 April 2013 at 1:49 pm Permalink

    I’d like to see a way to create impressive images ourselves as part of a content marketing plan. I don’t have a lot of artistic ability so I’d like to learn about free or inexpensive tools I can use for image creation. I think there’s a revolution right now in content marketing toward social images, quotes, and infographics and want to learn how to cash in on it to get more traffic for my business.

    Things that would be helpful to know:
    1.Alternatives to Adobe’s Creative Suite (expensive & hard to use)
    2.Photo sharing sites that can be used for commercial purposes
    3.Basic lessons in design
    4.Different formats that work best on social networks.
    5.How to brand yourself and/or business

    Then after you’ve shown us how to create images I’d like to know how best to share them so that it results in additional traffic and social shares.

  75. DIane H. 11 April 2013 at 2:11 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    Thank you for being thoughtful enough to ask what our goals are and what we would like to get accomplished so that we are aligned in great results and outcomes!

    At first, I was thinking that you have given away so much information already, what more could you offer? How about forming a group where you 1st walk us through(via video) setting up a fast and easy website or blog with a contact form. Hold us accountable by having us submit it publicly in a Facebook group.

    2nd CONTENT ! Show us the top 3 resources to obtain and walk us through how to upload. Again we post to the fb group. You could put us on “progress point system” and whoever gets the most points at the end wins a prize or a one on one coaching session with you.

    3rd AFFILIATE MARKETING! A step by step video on how to utilize products on click bank to monetize our blog or website.

    4th VIDEO! Show us the easiest and fastest way to make and upload the video and give us a script that we can alter to our own niche.

    5th PAYMENT! Step by step setting up an easy pay,ent system. Your top 3 faves!

    6th EMAIL MARKETING! Teach how we add this to our website. Again, accountability on Facebook group.

    7th TRAFFIC! Your top 3 faves! Have each of utilize one or two different traffic options and show our results.

    8th LANDING PAGE! Step by step how to direct traffic there and incorporate to website.

    We would all walk away with a finished product that we could continue to build our business around.. All in all , I am interested in YOUR top 3 faves in all th categories above, exact scripts that we could modify ( I think so many people get stuck here because they don’t know what to say or where to begin) and a finished blog/website that we walk away with.

    Phase II you could add more details ….

    Thank you and good luck making your decision. There are a lot of great ideas to choose from! It is not going to be easy but I am sure you will grab an iced Mocha and dig in!

  76. Charles 11 April 2013 at 2:12 pm Permalink

    Hey Kim,

    I have a couple of ideas that have come across my mind:

    1. Podcasting: There are a ton of people who have something to share, something that will benefit hundreds if not thousands of people. I think Podcasting is an under utilized strategy that many marketers are leaving out. People are walking around with tons of content sitting in there memoirs and it’s going unused.

    2. Personal Branding: I see a lot of online marketers making a lot of money but not creating a personal brand. What happens if that company goes under?

    I think, because you have done a phenomenal job at it, that people who are looking to get from behind the computer and in front of people whether it’s in the form of webinars, speaking engagements, lectures or whatever that you implement into the program a way for people to learn to how create a personal brand.

    Wealth is really created from the mindset of the individual, not the company or some external influence. Wealthy people have a personal brand, so when one things goes wrong or one company goes under, they have created such a strong image that they can jump to the next thing and flourish because people know and understand the integrity of that person.


  77. Azad Shaikh 11 April 2013 at 2:31 pm Permalink

    I like to have below stuff in your training program:

    1. Live and real case study. Not prerecorded but real live.
    2. The action item lists.
    3. The resource list.
    4. The Hacks and awesome tips to make us stand out.
    5. Answer all our question regarding this tricks and resources.

    Hope this help.

    Azad Shaikh

  78. Paul Warner 11 April 2013 at 2:51 pm Permalink

    Well Kim I don’t know how you are going to select a winner from all of these comments and their ideas, but for me, and I have read a lot of comments that agree with what I wrote you yesterday, that over shoulder training from start to finish is the way to go. From picking a niche, doing the keyword research, building the site, making it viable with images, video, content, Adsense, optin, and email program. From there all the various methods in getting traffic, which would include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, PPC, affiliate programs, and so on. Finally developing the site to making six figured income. Doing this all as a team as some have suggested would help to prevent lagging behind. This would have to be a very focused, funneled program so that the excitement is going to be all of us who have not made money on line are starting to do just that. Paul

  79. Abraham 11 April 2013 at 2:58 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    Coming from an SEO background here is what I’m interested in seeing inside the platinum coaching program…

    1. Free traffic and paid traffic that does not rely on Google.
    2. Conversion tips to boost the CTR, the sales and email sign ups.
    3. List building with both free and paid traffic. Relationship building with that list and tips on how to market to that list ethically and without losing any subscribers.
    4. Quick and easy product creation, can be huge courses or quick $17 eBooks that we can use to deliver massive value and build a list or even sell and build up a reputation for the quality we deliver.
    5. Tracking and analysis tips to improve sales, email sign ups and conversions.
    6. Mentoring and having some sort of accountability built into the membership program… it’s good to watch over the shoulder but most times I fail to take action because I’m overwhelmed or suffer from information overload.
    7. A complete walk-through on how to build a business… this is especially important to people like me who build niche sites and while that is a good model it’s not a business model that will last or even survive all the changes in Google or in the affiliate marketing world.
    8. Well a ton more actually but this should get people started in the right way and then they can scale it up or get back to you for more personalized information.

  80. Dustin Wilkinson 11 April 2013 at 3:07 pm Permalink


    To this opinionated point:

    1) Social Management (In’s & outs -TOP resources -How to’s)
    2) Social Engagement (Examples -Case Studies -Contact Funnel Methods)
    3) Content Creation (Journalistic -Ethical portrayals -Lay outs)
    4) Affiliate IM (Selection -Positioning -Landing pages)
    5) Branding (Socially -News worthy -Best way to say what is being stood for)
    6) Traffic (What STICKS -What ENGAGES -What CAPTURES subscribers)
    7) Personality/Self (To see PEOPLE online rather than SALES PEOPLE how too’s… Look what happened when you sent a personal message!? :D)

    And LIVE I agree with that! If you’ve limited time… recorded but live just the same… Proof that it’s working!

    Thank you for all your time! :D

  81. Steven DeBardelaben 11 April 2013 at 3:23 pm Permalink

    I would like to see an apprenticeship style program.

    Each member who wants to participate would join a pool.

    Each member of the would choose what kind of site they want to be built.

    Each member selects an IM task that they can perform, and one they wish to learn.

    Random draw selects a member(s)whose website will be build first.

    All members work on the sites that are being built until they are live.

    People interested in project management are assigned one of the members website projects to manage.

    The project managers select members to perform the various tasks needed to build and market the site under construction.

    Each member would be assigned a task by the PM to accomplish in the field they chose to provide service for during the site build. Points are awarded for all work performed.

    Each member would also be assigned to assist someone with a task in the field they wish to learn about. Points are NOT awarded for this work.

    Members can do extra tasks for other members to gain more points.

    (Example: I do article writing, and I want to learn on page SEO. I am assigned a job in article creation, and I am assigned assist someone who does onpage SEO. Each member teaches their assistant as much as possible in the time we work together. I teach my helper, and the person I assist teaches me. I get points for my article writing, but not for learning SEO. If someone needs an extra article or on page SEO work, I can get extra points by doing the work.)

    As more sites are built, the education into off page SEO, social media, traffic generation, ect can be done in the same manner.

    All websites are property of the pool until all sites are built, then each member gets ownership of their finished and live website.

    People who drop out forfeit their websites, forfeited websites stay in the pool to be used as test sites for members to learn on.

    After the first cycle, the random sites are chosen, and the two members with the most points also will get their site built next. This encourages the membership to help each other, and rewards people who help the most by getting their site built faster.

    This system would give members the ability not only to learn about something we are interested in from some one who knows the field, but it hold us accountable for the work assigned. We get real world experience dealing with product delivery, deadlines and the everyday problems that we will face in our IM journey, and we can go through as many cycles as we wish to learn the core principals behind the business, get real hands on OJT, and have mentors to guide us as we go about the work we do.

    This will also help members learn their strengths and weaknesses,and the things they simply do not want to do vs the things they love doing.

    In the end after the last cycle, the members end up with whatever website they want to build up and running.

  82. sam Mwanga 11 April 2013 at 3:38 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    Here’s what I’d like to see…

    The first lesons should be “introduction to the basics of IM” >this will put everybody on the same page.

    Then case studies..with students taking glimpses over the shoulder on how things are done.A view inside your “lab”

    Accountability partnership between students one on one or group on group. Some homeworks and challenges/competitions.(rewards will revv up the competition spirits)

    Guest speakers with expertise in various areas of IM both offline and online

    Members area..where members can hang together and exchange ideas and help each other…FB group dedicated to platinum students will be added value!!

    Phone time with the mentor. One or two hours monthly with you to encourage and hear on first hand the problems/ideas

    Google hangout marketing chats with students..once weekly..with a guest speaker..or with students who are doing great!!

    Weekly golden nuggets..should continue and live longer…include special nuggets for students…

    Dedicate a whole chapter on Google SEO and make it so that new updatesan be added…google keeps changing…especially when everybody is sleeping

    A full chapter on how to retain/maintain your list. People build a list just to see evrybody unsubscribe……

    Finally everything comes back to Traffic and conversion….you can get tons of traffic but if you dont convert them into customers your work done is zero. The course must dedicate a lot of time on teaching conversions.

  83. Robin Chedgey 11 April 2013 at 3:50 pm Permalink

    First of all, “Platinum Coaching Program” sounds HHHHHHHOT!

    I am providing classroom based training at the moment and I’m in contact with maybe 150+ past and present students. These are people who have all the tools, all the resources, all the training, and all the backup. They are literally handheld through:

    – Keyword research
    – Content creation
    – Design (they are given the CMS)
    – Domain registration
    – Social Media
    – Links
    – Traffic
    – And
    – And
    – And

    You get the gist.

    They literally leave the course with a fully ‘functioning’ website and a strategy. But it is just so hard to get them to the stage of earning their first buck!

    Without the babysitting they soon lose interest and motivation.

    I think that if people are quickly brought to the point where they see even a €5 sale hit their paypal this may just be enough to spur them on to the next level.

    I think you should be focusing on motivating your clients. Getting them to take REAL action. I know that this is a big part of what you do now, but it is SO important to people that I think it is worth while building the focus of your program around it. Perhaps getting people to submit a list of tasks – ambitious or conservative – maybe weekly. Review it and give your feedback. Get them to come back after the week and say how far they got, and what results it brought. Maybe get them to commit to the tasks publicly on a page on the site. But get them to commit!

    I think you will lose quite a few people this way, but you will end up with die-hards that will get results and send you love for it.

    I also think people need a variety of information in terms of depth. Everything from high level strategy and insight/research to hacks.

    For me – what I want to see is the latter. Hacks that I can use today.

    Stuff like your Fiverr video (I haven’t got through it all yet) along with examples of the results it brought you.

    Anyway – that’s my tuppence worth as we say here in Ireland. Wishing you the very best of luck with this Kim – I’ll be watching with interest!

    Oh, and congrats on the Demiversary!

  84. Neil 11 April 2013 at 4:38 pm Permalink

    Hey Kim,

    I would like to see video lessons on every traffic generating plan/system that you use and that works. No fluff and filler, just solid content.
    Then an over the shoulder hand holding “course” where you start a new site and without using any list or pre-built funnel, you generate traffic to it.

    Personally, for me to learn, I need to be able to ask questions so that I can understand the “why” of these things so if you could sit down with your members on a 1-to-1 for an hour or something a week, that would be awesome.
    A weekly or fortnightly webinar where you update your members on any changes to the game like Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, any new systems you’ve discovered, etc.

    I would love to see how you get targeted traffic, not just a flood of people but people targeted to the product you’re selling.

    Thanks for the lessons and inspiration!

  85. Internet Lifestyle Masterclass 11 April 2013 at 4:40 pm Permalink

    One thing Mark Anastasi, Kavit Haria and advocate are webinars.
    It would be good if you show the bolt load of traffic gained from this awesome tactic.

  86. Lindsey Rainwater 11 April 2013 at 4:46 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim, thanks for giving us this opportunity. I’m not sure how “creative” this will be, but I’ll try. :)

    The first thing I would want to see in a traffic training is a lot of “realism.” Which I know you provide, but still. Realistic numbers and realistic ideas of the work involved, because while I don’t think any of us are afraid of work, nothing is worse than finding of later that you got in over your head with a method.

    I would also need to see weekly trainings that were recorded. Live would be awesome, but my schedule is literally sleep-all-day-up-all-night, and I’ve been frustrated by programs that don’t provide recordings.

    And I know you love doing videos, but I think it bears repeating that videos are amazing. I don’t care if it’s an hour long if it shows me every little step – you’re not going to lose my attention. I’ll be glued to the screen scared to miss a moment!

    Also some one-on-one assistance would be good, something like one or two emails a week with you personally, or one Skype sitting once a month. Something that wouldn’t run you ragged, but would give your students that nice personal touch that would keep us feeling completely immersed in your program.

    Focus on traffic would be critical to me. While it is obvious that you would have to explain how certain strategies might have to be modified here and there for different business models, I think for the most part we know what we’re trying to do as far as the model – what we’re missing is the traffic! I have my website and business model laid out – I actually have another program teaching me about that – so what I’m here for is the traffic! I want the Kim Roach Special Super-Duper-Killer-Traffic-Know-How, not another “make money online” program. :)

    Something else would be a blend of methods – some are quick-and-dirty and can be wedged into the cracks of your schedule, others are long-haul methods that maybe won’t get traction for weeks or months. Some are super-cheap, and some may be super-expensive but almost criminally effective. I would love to see the traffic world from ALL sides for once. Not just cheap, just paid, just fast, just SEO, etc.

    Finally, PDFs that sum up methods, resources, and anything else you mention would be great. There’s just something nice about having them to refer to at a glance. I have all your Traffic Dashboard PDFs, and occasionally whip them out for quick reference.

    Like I said, I don’t know how “creative” that is, but as someone who’s been in a few coaching programs, and someone who is planning on starting one, I’ve learned that sometimes “realistic and 100% helpful” is far more important than “creative.” Sometimes not, but I’ve seen too much creativity kill a coaching course.

    But I think you know that the bottom line is that we want to watch you do what you do best and have a chance to get hand-on alongside you while you do it.

    Thanks again, and sorry that was so long.

  87. Limor 11 April 2013 at 4:52 pm Permalink


    (Italian :retroazione, Spanish: feedback, African: terugvoer, Hungarian : visszacsatolás, Thai : ข้อเสนอแนะ, German : Rückkopplung, French: réaction and so…
    and THANKS to Google Translate)

    Most of the knowledge could be found on the internet if you have good research skills, what we need is FOCUS and Feedback.
    We need to have a STRUCTURE to one business model, then go step by step making it happen, while every step we need feedback/review – if it is good or not, how to improve it, what should be done better…
    I spent a lot of time, money and effort for the WRONG process – I wish someone was reviewing my work and say that it’s a waste of time! :-(

    (You don’t need to check personally everyone who wants this, your team can help. and the most interesting issues (bad and good) could be display for everyone (unless the participate don’t want the publicity) in order for us to learn from the actual work of each other.

    I think this is most important and I did not see it (except for personal coaching
    which cost a lot of money and most marketers can’t afford)

    I can’t wait for your launch!

  88. Tuhin 11 April 2013 at 5:21 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim, Thank you very much for offering this opportunity.

    I would really love to learn to setup a proper sales funnel and steady income. Most Internet marketers face this problem. They have a high month and low month (including me). That’s why it would be great if we learn how to make a profitable sales funnel. We make a product, initialize the funnel and make money :)

    Many thanks

  89. Jim Davis 11 April 2013 at 5:31 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    You are bursting right of the gate, with a very worthwhile gift. Whomever the winner happens to be it will be a gift to be cherished.

    While there are no perfect training systems out there in the Cyber world,we know that there are individuals and groups who have successfully develop systems that have produced huge returns over time…

    My traffic mentor can be one of those training/mentoring systems that will benefit many participants who are committed to their success and is willing to follow carefully and proven construction (steps) in building a business.

    Here are my wish list for a workable system that will lead to success online:

    Getting good quality traffic should be at the top of the agenda for recommended paid and free sources.

    Over the shoulder step by step video training, with excellent quality video and audio so that the members can see the text being accessed on the screen.

    How to set up a PLR website and upload files to that website (of course acquiring a domain etc.. is part of the process)and making any necessary editing required.

    Weekly live training, with exercises, and participation by the members
    with the more experienced members assisting with the training if they are so inclined (participation) :o)

    Websites or web pages critiques, with positive suggestions from the Moderator of the session as well as members.

    Outline of Steps enumerated in sequences of A or B, or 1-2…

    Video creation and and capture (or squeeze page) creation processes.

    A live audio and video forum where members can drop in anytime to discuss challenges they are struggling with.

    More emphasis on how to do a task, than just telling what needs to be done.

    I could go on and on, but others will have some excellent suggestions as well.

    Just a side note: O lot of retiring or soon to be retired Baby boomers are venturing online to supplement their fixed retirement income, and most are literary throwing away their hard earned money
    for worthless products, by people who have no interest in helping others. I know, I have been there and so are many reading this.

    With the right guidance some of them may start earning a few, or a lot of extra dollars in their online business. We need to reach out to them also.

    Keeping it fun and interesting, will be a refreshing breeze of hope,
    after all we started our business to get away from the Rat race and have more quality time with our family and friends.

    Valuable information well presented will keep us coming back and hungry for more each week or month.

    Thank you for this opportunity of sharing, and good luck to all and much success in all you do.

    Jim Davis

  90. Anecia Finch 11 April 2013 at 5:41 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim! I love the value you add to the industry. This may not be creative but I would like to see cost effective methods for the straight up newbie with no marketing budget or a very low one. It would be nice to see what works (which you have shown in so many ways) and things to not waste your time or money on. There is so much junk out there, it would be wonderful to get tips on the positive and negative side of traffic method tips; if that makes any sense.

    Thanks for all that you do and I can’t wait for the new program to launch!


  91. Allan Martin 11 April 2013 at 5:59 pm Permalink

    Hello Kim,

    This is going to be an exciting adventure.

    I would like to see live traffic getting techniques while on a webinar (recorded as well). I have read about so many “amazing” traffic techniques, but nobody shows those techniques in action and the results in real-time.

    Also, access to you for one-on-one Q&A either via email or coaching board.

    In the end, I would just like real traffic-getting methods that work for the ‘regular’ guy or gal – no BS, no fluff, no pie-in-the-sky.

    Thanks and Take Care,

  92. Kostas 11 April 2013 at 6:06 pm Permalink

    Hey Kim,

    I always like your information, because It is very juicy and to the point.

    I would like to suggest a couple things so that you can make your course outstanding:

    1.Paid Traffic especially Media Buying where the traffic is INSTANT and TARGETED, and you don’t have to waste your time. Free traffic is good, but it is a gamble and you are never sure that it will payoff. There are some enormous Media Buying Traffic sources out there, that nobody is talking about and how to use them effectively to drive unbelievable amounts of TARGETED traffic to your offers.
    I think a Crash course with real examples on this fantastic subject, is missing and it is a must.

    2.I think that the 2nd thing that you must place a lot of emphasis, is on CONVERSIONS, because you will get the traffic, but will it convert??
    I haven’t seen any course on this subject and it is absolutely vital as you know.

    3.The 3rd thing which is extremely important, is Niche selection and Keywords. As you very well know, your Keywords are your lottery tickets.
    I haven’t seen any course on Keywords and Niche selection. I know there are some Keyword tools out there, but there is not any course that deals extensively with this very important issue.

    4.Further, it is important to know how to test an offer online and then if successful, implement it by scaling it offline and make huge piles of cash.
    I haven’t seen anybody talking about this superb method. It seems that those who know, do not want to talk about this, because we are talking about Traffic Heaven here.

    5.There is no point for me to stress how important List Building is, and why and how you should use all the above Traffic Sources towards building your List. You can in this way build your List in no time flat.

    6.From my experience up to now with Internet Marketing, I think that the real success in this business, is to know exactly how and where to OUTSOURCE. And I am not talking about Fiverr. I am talking to have a team to perform and conclude your Project for you from a-z, so that you can then concentrate on how to set up another Project and make money and not to waste your valuable time.
    Without knowing exactly and without having a proper and constructive guide to Outsourcing, you will fail. I also haven’t seen any truly extensive guide on this highly important issue. I know that occasionally, there have been some guides/offers on this issue. But a proper course on Outsourcing, I think it is missing.

    There are many other important factors to mention, but I will stick on these at the moment as an Initial suggestion.

    Thanks very much Kim for all the important information that you have shared with us, and I hope, that the above mentioned suggestions can somehow contribute, so that you can truly produce a Super-course.


  93. Arlen Card 11 April 2013 at 6:07 pm Permalink

    Dear Kim, your question has a very simple answer that will make you millions of extra dollars if you do it.

    It is clear that you already have traffic methods and strategies down cold, and you teach them very well. (I would already choose your training over all others, and I know them all.)

    What’s missing is that no one, anywhere, is providing actual accountability services in this market.

    For all those who come into your mentoring program, require them to report, each day, that day’s accomplishments to your staff via email. Selected winner stories will be published on your site for all to see. EVERY failure story will be reported, by name, too. With real accountability like this, your clients ill be much more likely to do, rather than just read or listen, they will then, finally, succeed, and that will make you look even more authoritative than you already do.

    Low cost to you. High value to us. Excellent short and long-term results for everyone. And no one else is doing this!

    You can thank me with, say, one of those spiffy free memberships? Or a Kentucky pony. I could really use a pony….

    –Arlen Card
    Attorney at Law
    Composer at Large
    Golfer with Delusions of Adequacy

  94. Ray 11 April 2013 at 6:25 pm Permalink

    What I would like to see a few things happen in this new course your offering

    1) Create a checklist of actionable assignments for the course

    2) Each week you will teach us a traffic resource alternating each week between free and paid.

    3) After you teach us how to use the particular source you offer up an actionable task for us to complete. when you do this you allow those who want to commit and take on the challenge they will commit in a public way by submitting their results

    4) By the end of the week we will all share our results in a private facebook group or forum so that we can learn from each other. All in the course will have access to this.

    5) Then you pick 1-3 students that you thought you thought executed the traffic resource very well and turns those into case studies.

    6) Here is the key to the case study its only available to those who say they will part take and actually took action . So it challenges us to commit and take action and see what others have done if we say we are going to do but don’t take action then we do not get a Chance to see these particular case studies

  95. Leon 11 April 2013 at 6:28 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    I will be short, what I would like to see is a program that gives what most gurus are talking about. Most talk about what you can earn in a few days/weeks/months and tell you this is easy.

    Everyone always says that listbuilding is the most important thing from working online. Learn us Listbuilding techniques.

    * How to find a niche
    * how to build a converting squeeze page
    * how to put up the funnel
    * create a good follow up series
    * learn honest and personal marketing

    After this Traffic traffic traffic, drive loads of traffic to our squeeze and start marketing and make some money, thats what most of us want to learn (I think).

    And very important tell us how to use google analytics or similar to get our business better.

    Bring all this in a way that keeps everyone focused and accountable.

    Learn us marketing Your way.


  96. Geri Richmond 11 April 2013 at 6:33 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,
    I love over-the-shoulder training. I’m a visual learner and it helps me a ton when I can see what’s happening. What’s even better is video plus transcript! That, to me, is the double whammy! Love that kind of training!! Q & A sessions are awesome, as well.



  97. James Savage 11 April 2013 at 7:38 pm Permalink

    I’d like to know how to find targeted traffic for anything that is for sale.

    Every available marketing avenue for a specific item is what I’d like to know.

    I want only targeted traffic because it is useless to advertise to a broad market. I’ve tried advertising to a broad market and it doesn’t work.

    How to find a target market for anything?

    How to access a target market after you find it?

    I know my target market but accessing it is hard.

    I hope you can teach this.


  98. Len 11 April 2013 at 7:40 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    I would like to see, some training on SEO, how to actually write good content for a site, what % of KW’s should be in it. How to use Anchor Text correctly.

    How to get good backlinks for a site/s, without getting on the bad side of Google. How to utilize Free and Paid ways of doing this and how to use the correct ratio that won’t get you banned.

    How to get FREE traffic and what techniques are best to use and how to use Paid traffic and which are the best sources.

    The best automation tools to help in our business, how to properly use Web 2.0 sites to help get authority on our sites, how to use social signals and which one’s are the best to use.

    How to properly build a list, how to crate a good squeeze page and where to get offers to use.

    That’s about it. Thanks for your time and ability to voice our requests.

  99. Scott Savoy 11 April 2013 at 7:54 pm Permalink

    I think it would be great to not only learn the secrets you have developed but to actually watch you build a list with a generic splash page. (one that a newbie might be able to put together) Watch over your shoulder as we see first hand a brand new splash page creating a list as you teach and employ each lesson. With the purpose of those in the class doing exactly the same thing as you do it.
    Today we are going to do article marketing with our sample page.
    then write an article and submit it. then we can see the results that we ourselves have achieved with our own while watching you do one at the same time. Kind of a real time unfolding of traffic on your fresh page.
    I hope that makes sense,
    Scott Savoy

  100. John 11 April 2013 at 8:08 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    What I would like to see :

    1) Traffic for different budgets, exampl:0 to 250 per month, 250-$500 per month

    2) Daily action steps

    3) Step by Step training with tasks

    4) Live, 24/7/365 discussions and chats

    5) Video tutorials including live weekly webinars

    6) Recognize with prizes to the students that contribute the most to the community in the forum (probably by a monthly poll among students)

    7) A section that show us the results of each marketing tactic/source

    I have no doubt that this coaching program will bring success to many of us!



  101. Debijo 11 April 2013 at 8:20 pm Permalink

    I would love to find out some of the Guru traffic secrets,
    the ones they don’t share with anyone as well as which traffic Softwares you
    Recommend. I would like to know some traffic generation that does not involve 100% SEO
    Techniques Which would be more long term methods since SEO changes so frequently.
    Definitely video and transcript type training would be helpful.

  102. Joy 11 April 2013 at 9:28 pm Permalink

    Dear Kim

    I think without doubt you bring some of the most creative and innovative ideas to internet marketing and I have been following you for a long time, during which time I have felt inspired to take on board many things you do.

    However, I recently wrote to you privately and explained that due to a very unfortunate situation, both myself and my company could be facing bankruptcy and very likely my home too. I am devastated as anyone would be but I have a couple of months to turn things round so I’m still trying to stay upbeat leaving no stone unturned.

    If I could market my ebook to a mass audience, then I could pull myself out of this situation. Time is of the essence so I need to learn strategies that get fast results, fast traffic, fast conversions and fast viral effects.

    I’m inclined to agree with Costas and I’ll outline a real example below. My book has very high profile reviews, testimonials, bonus products and videos. I’ve got a website and a wordpress blog. I built a list of 5,000 subscribers who all downloaded a free copy of the book. The free book got wonderful testimonials as well. I had problems launching the book because I didn’t have the technical skills to produce good copy or use optimize press so it got very delayed and people kept asking me when it would be ready.

    Well the good thing that came out of the urgency of my situation was I managed to fastrack teaching myself optimize press and I managed to even produce my own copy. I sent the sales letter out to my list just this week. I then waited for those illusive paypal notifications to come through, the ones internet marketers tantalise our senses with. I kept watching but they didn’t come, instead I only sold 5 books after all that

    It is pretty hard to pick oneself up after such a massive failure and it’s really affected my confidence. It’s raised a very big question. Where do I go from here??? I know that I could have all the traffic in the world coming to my site, but to make money it needs to convert.
    I often get floored in the middle of a task because I can guarantee there will always be something I don’t know and there is no one to ask. For example, when I was making my sales funnel I wanted to add comments to my blog to stimulate a conversation like this, but I couldn’t figure it out. After wasting hours I then dropped it. I think it’s the small things that probably frustrate us the most and it’s often what holds us back.

    I personally would benefit from learning one or two things really well and focusing on the small things. I know you can’t teach everything there is so much but I’m sure I’m not alone with this, it’s the tiny things that hold us back, joining the dots and filling the gaps.
    I would like to work not only on my sales funnel but also work on other people’s sales funnels so we could see what works and what doesn’t. Then we keep tweaking for maximum conversions. Then drive some of your new traffic strategies to our offers and watch in real time the success of our projects. It would be very exciting to turn something round and watch it convert in real time. The proof of the pudding etc.

  103. Tom 11 April 2013 at 9:31 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    What a generous offer!

    I think that one of the biggest problems is that people start working on something — even a coaching program — but fail to complete the project and end up even worse than they were before they started because now they have to pay the credit card bill on their pre-coaching program income…


    I think your program is going to be great. The content is going to be solid and helpful. What concerns me is that there will be at least a few (probably more) people who sign up, pay, get started, hit a roadblock (or, more likely, hit a phase that isn’t “fun”) — and simply quit. How do I know this? Because I’m describing myself! :o

    How do we get people over this “hump”? For me, it’s just grinding through it, which I don’t always manage to do in spite of my ability to tell myself to complete the “mission”. I can’t imagine what it’s like for others.

    It can be difficult, especially in a group coaching situation, to not get “lost in the crowd” and never achieve success, much less even complete the program and get one income stream going. Figure out how to get EVERYBODY past that and you’ll have an incredible program.

    From my military days (and my post-military career), I know that “what gets checked gets done” — but how can we translate that into a membership site like this? If you can figure out a way to do it, I think it would add tremendous value to a program that I know is already great.

    I’m just throwing out ideas here; I don’t know if they work but they might be worth trying:

    * Pair people up. Put them in daily contact with each other (and not just email; talking face-to-face via Skype — or something similar — adds a human element). They can check with each other on progress, suspenses (ack!), etc.

    * Local meet-ups. I’d venture to say there’s a few million people within 100 miles or so of where I live; perhaps we could have local meet-ups every once in a while where people simply share the costs (if any) and get together to encourage and help each other. It could be as simple as taking over a booth at a diner for a few hours.

    * I want to say “contests” as a way of motivating people — and they work — but I think that many feel as if they have absolutely zero chance of winning one. Is there some way to level the playing field, so to speak — perhaps by setting a minimum qualification standard for the contest, then giving a prize to both the winner AND a “qualifier” chosen at random?

    I can’t claim to be an expert here; like you, I just want to see other succeed with this (heck, I want to succeed myself! You saw my email the other day… BTW, thanks for the kind response). And in my experience, just having someone to “nudge” you through some of the tough steps — without letting you cut corners — would help ensure the success of the program.

    And if there’s some way I could help, I’d be very interested in hearing about it.

    Hope this helps,

    • Joy 11 April 2013 at 10:19 pm Permalink

      Hi Tom

      Pair people up – that is genius!!! I only wish I’d thought of it :-)

  104. Dianne 11 April 2013 at 10:18 pm Permalink

    Thanks for the opportunity. I have watched many webinars, bought numerous programs, and have even traveled to Utah to attend Anthony Morrison’s training. We were guaranteed that at the end of the training, we would be up and running. Although I have tons of notes, I still do not know how to REALLY get started. And what is sadder, my girlfriend and I were the only ones in the physical class (live home teaching concurrently). I would LOVE for you simultaneously conduct a training for affiliate marketing step by step. Participants will answer you as each step is completed. I have written many blogs (not posted) on weight loss for new moms but do not feel ready to promote until I am comfortable with affiliate marketing. I would also like to start with Adrian Morrison’s baby,’Plenty of Fish’ to get some cash flow. Please I need you.

  105. Krystine Lewis 11 April 2013 at 10:29 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim.

    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to give us a chance to share our comments here. What a great response to all of these people. I have an offline business and I have built a website. I would like to learn how to reach more of our local customers by way of our website and facebook page. I am sure you could give me some special tips for building my offline customer base.

    Thanks very much!

  106. Clare 11 April 2013 at 10:44 pm Permalink

    Hey Kim,

    There’s nothing to say that’s not already been said above!! All of the above would be wonderful.

    I love your over the shoulder training and for me the most important thing would be for you to do case studies and traffic studies in NON Internet Marketing niches.

    For me it seems like almost a fraud that so many people learning how to make money online, are trying to do it by showing others how to make money online… yet they are still learning themselves!! Its great when you show us stuff because you really are living it and practicing what they preach.

    So yeah for me, the best thing would be the same Kim Roach show all the details type stuff – especially fr paid traffic – but in a VARIETY of niches. :-)

    I loved your Optiming case study and hope to see more of it. Cheers, Clare :-)

  107. Sam 11 April 2013 at 11:04 pm Permalink

    I would love “over the shoulder”. I am now building my website and will be selling clothing online. I am desperate to get to the point of making a regular income of it. I would need someone to tell me something like – these 3 things are wrong with the site first fix that, then do so, so, and so, to gain traffic and attract customers, and guide me along the way step by step in right direction…

    Thanks Kim for everything your doing,
    And happy anniversary!!

  108. Annette 12 April 2013 at 12:19 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,
    When you want to accomplish something and/or learn something new, you want to learn from and hang out with the best and brightes and most accomplished people in the field. People who have the skills and the knowledge, the attitude and experience, and people who have the heart.
    No more words needed, – looking much forward.

  109. William Sims 12 April 2013 at 12:54 am Permalink

    Neverland (also spelled Never Land or expanded as Never Never Land) is a fictional place featured in the works of J.M. Barrie. It is also the dwelling place of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, and unfortunately, most want to be internet marketers.

    So I am going to suggest the elements of the Traffic Live Platinum Coaching Program “NoNeverlandPlan.”

    N: No excuses are allowed for those in the coaching program
    O: Over-the-Shoulder Training is provided for a clear understanding of each individual process
    N: Nothing is left out… … provide all of the pieces to each small puzzle… that make up the big puzzle
    E: Explain each process in complete detail… in technical terms as needed and in laymen’s terms as well
    V: Various methods of getting traffic are presented and explained: both free and paid
    E: Easy product creation strategies and processes are detailed in step by step fashion
    R: Reveal all your secrets… trust that your students can handle to truth
    L: Live case studies presented via webinar or Google Hangout so that students can share and learn from one another
    A: A complete blueprint and step by step walk-through on how to build a profitable business is provided
    N: Network or a forum is created where students/members can meet, discuss, support and share ideas, resources, strategies
    D: Day-to-day tasks are outlined that one can/must follow, with exact steps so that students can/will be accountable to themselves
    P: Proven productivity systems are outlined to enhance time and personal efficiency
    L: List building techniques are shared to both build lists and to maintain long term relationships with list members
    A: Answers to all questions are provided via responsive and helpful support staff
    N: New ideas are to be presented with regularity so students can count on this coaching program to always be the very best coaching program on the web

    “Do You Believe?” Then the Traffic Live Platinum Coaching Program “NoNeverlandPlan”, may be just what you have been looking for all this time!


  110. Tom 12 April 2013 at 2:03 am Permalink

    Hi Kim, I’d like to see..

    a. group webinar for training on 1st n 3rd Wednesday (or whatever)each month where attendees learn what to do. Then we go out and try it.
    b. group webinar for Q@A on 2nd n 4th Wednesday to review what happened when we tried it
    c. all webinars recorded and links sent out for replay along with downloadable cheat sheets / templates to assist with implementation
    d. chat room for ad hoc questions, comments, student interaction
    e. reporting in on agreed actions and KPIs
    f. late afternoon or evening your time so I don’t have to get up at 2am here in Australia
    g. probably goes without saying but a curriculum that covers the principles of driving and converting traffic as well as actual baby steps to implement.

  111. Tom 12 April 2013 at 2:05 am Permalink

    PS in my experience pairing people up rarely works sorry :-( normally one person’s commitment gets slack and the other person is left high and dry. It can also end up being a bit like the blind leading the blind. Sorry again!

  112. Jan 12 April 2013 at 2:05 am Permalink


    Thanks for your generosity and this opportunity. It’s an awesome example of giving back to your audience, (a.k.a. your tribe, per Seth Godin). Here is my answer in a scenario. If for example, your protégé was down to his/her last $100, what would be the one time tested, tried-and-true revenue generating strategy that you’d recommend, to generate a return within 60 days, which possibly could pay the mortgage? I’ve been told that blogging and SEO usually works every time; therefore, it gets my vote; however, since I believe your answer to this particular scenario would be extremely Life Changing for me. It’s what I need to see inside Traffic LIVE as well.


  113. Vivek Goel 12 April 2013 at 2:47 am Permalink


    There is always a debate over choosing free traffic or paid traffic.
    Its even said that the free traffic is costly – due to the slow results it gets.
    And obviously free traffic lures all.

    I cannot get the fine line for me which balances the free vs paid traffic utilization.

    I would like to see the best possible balance of the two strategies – from the viewpoint of an expert who has experience with both.

    as for the method of coaching I feel that the modes mentioned are all great:

    Marketing Chats, LIVE Case Studies, Weekly Competitions, Over-the-Shoulder Training, Checklists, Templates, & Systems

    plus as Kim says – Accountability is a must.

    • Vivek Goel 12 April 2013 at 3:04 am Permalink

      one more thing…
      as Kim said a swift kick in the butt is sometimes required,

      wont some method of ‘positive reinforcement’ (like rewards, recognition) be better!

  114. Ree 12 April 2013 at 3:34 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to the discussion here. You are always so generous with your time and training.
    Although I think most of what I would like to see in a traffic course has been covered in the comments already, I would appreciate the following (taking into consideration that it will be a Platinum level course):
    Like many others, I enjoy step-by-step “watch over your shoulder” training. Video is great for this – and my first choice. But for those of us in rural areas down-under (with slow internet speeds) a PDF with screen shots would be helpful for follow up study. :)
    I love to hear the stories/journeys of how others have achieved great results. Can we have real life examples of how ordinary people who have reached their goals by doing what you will be showing us please?
    So many other so called experts give examples of email marketing that brings in 1,000’s of new optins – but they are starting from a large database. You are very realistic and practical so I’m sure you’ll give us a program that can work from a much lower base line (and give us hope :) )
    And a Facebook secret group for private discussion, mentoring each other, encouragement and sharing of ideas, motivating, and helping one another would be great. Nothing like a group of like minded people to spur each other along.
    Specific goals and a check list of what needs to be done sounds good.
    Which goes hand-in-hand with mentoring (from the best – you, Kim) – all of which will naturally lead to strong accountability.
    How about Maverick Mondays and Turn Up The Traffic Tuesdays!?
    Really looking forward to your new Coaching Program.

  115. Claxton 12 April 2013 at 4:43 am Permalink

    Hello Kim,

    although coaching is a mentor-student mutual
    relationship, it is always up to mentor to
    make important decisions.

    Imagine, registering for a driving license prep
    course and having a student telling the coach
    how to teach him driving,=).

    If the people interested in traffic live will
    come from different background and with different
    skills, in my opinion the content that fits for
    all can not be provided.

    e.g. for newbies and starting marketers basic marketing
    advice, case studies and over the shoulder video training
    are important.

    for intermediate marketers free or paid traffic tactics
    might suit well, as well as descriptions of various marketing
    funnels and resources.

    Advanced marketers will consider marketing chat or marketing
    or traffic golden nuggets or tricks, members forum, outsource
    options or ad swaps or even online tax info very beneficial.

  116. Carl 12 April 2013 at 5:28 am Permalink

    Hi Kim

    I would like some training that is a little bit more than surface deep. Especially when it comes to entering a market you know nothing about.

    Because we all are invested in Internet Marketing everyday to not only learn but obviously to use what we learn to make money, logic dictates that IM is a perfect niche to enter into – because we know something about it and enjoy it. But to be honest it will be so much better if you can make money in another niche first – to have that proof that you know what you are doing.

    So to get back on track here. It would be nice to see how you tackle a new niche from scratch (you know little to nothing about the niche).

    Then show us step by step how you:

    – Do market research (to get the needs, wants & desires of the market – and how you use the market research to create your copy for articles, emails etc.)
    – Do list building (how you structure your email sequence, how often you send out emails, how you promote to you list and how you respond to people asking questions & for help)
    – Get traffic (what is the first traffic source you are going to use and how you expand your traffic generation efforts)
    – Structure the business (will you outsource content generation or write content yourself, how you go about scaling up the business etc.)

    Something like this would be great.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.


  117. Robin Lee 12 April 2013 at 5:59 am Permalink

    The first thing is I’m hoping to see it that the price tags fits into my budget!

    Then assuming it does .. here’s some things I’d like to see in the course:
    1. The Basics .. different methods of traffic generation
    2. Starting with a very small budget
    3.The main/most effective traffic generation techniques for different type of businesses (online niche, IM, offline niche)
    4. SYSTEMS with live case studies, checklists and templates
    5. Skype group for facilitator/student interaction
    6. Over the shoulder video training
    7. A questionnaire for us students on our strengths, what sorts of marketing methods we’ve used or would like to learn, what we don’t like or won’t do .. so that everyone can immediately know that the training will take their businesses and personalities into consideration
    8. More of your out of the box methods such as how to use FIVERR gigs to syndicate your content (BRILLIANT!) but mostly what’s working NOW
    9. Some quick traffic methods, so we can get a taste of success, and know without a shadow of a doubt .. that it’s possible for US :)

  118. Mini 12 April 2013 at 6:17 am Permalink

    Hi Kim!

    What I would would find very beneficial is a day-by-day System with PRIORITY tasks to do. I mean in the exact order they should be done.


  119. John Neuron 12 April 2013 at 6:26 am Permalink

    How about a foolproof way to gain traffic that focuses on only 3 methods. Enough to get us 80% of results without pain. Just implementations that are consistent and can be done regularly. KISS methods work!



  120. Herman 12 April 2013 at 9:22 am Permalink

    Kim..are our comments to tweak the course you’ve already created?

    The main thing I’d like to see is going through the process of..

    *Finding a profitable niche
    *Creating a profitable product
    *Most effective free and low cost methods for driving traffic
    *Converting that traffic into sales on a regularly basis
    *Building a RESPONSIVE list
    *How to create great autoeresponder follow up series
    *How to write captivating copy
    *How to utilize social media so you don’t waste time
    *How to scale this model to generate more income in an organized and streamlined manner
    *How to outsource tasks that I no time or expertise to do myself
    *Great support and interaction
    *Case studies

  121. Louqman 12 April 2013 at 9:51 am Permalink

    I am always looking for ways to generate huge traffic to my offers.i think this is going to be a great program because i have been on Kim Roach’s list for months now and she delivers great content.when she speaks you could tell that she knows what shes talking about specially when it comes to traffic.

  122. John Kosinski 12 April 2013 at 11:08 am Permalink

    Re: Coaching program

    Hey Kim,

    Here is my 2 cents on the best way to organize the new coaching program.

    Start off with a business foundation module. I think that most of us in this space are distracted by the new shiny object. We get too caught up in tactics rather than creating a foundational strategy. If the how-to’s are attempted without figuring out the “why” then discouragement and failure are almost inevitable. So this module would cover things like:

    * Who do you want to serve?
    * What makes you different/special?
    * How do you want to set up the company (products, coaching, affiliate sales, etc.)
    * What is the main problem that your market needs fixed right away?
    * Metrics and tracking?
    * How to be productive and not just busy
    * Conversion advice

    Once the foundation is set up solidly, then it is time to move on to traffic tactics. How to get more eyeballs onto your product or service. This is where you can teach specifics on the dozens of traffic techniques that have worked well for you in the past. Coaching students can then pick those that best fit their personality and the business foundation that they have decided on and created with a much better chance of success!

    I prefer the following methods of content delivery:

    1. Case studies – my favorite. This shows how theory meets reality. It shows off the marketing strategy well.
    2. Over-the-shoulder training – similar to case studies but really goes into the how-to details of the tactics that work
    3. Checklists- I am a big checklist guy. Nothing helps conquer overwhelm better than a checklist of the exact steps you need to take
    4. Video is my preferred medium. It is just a great way to convey emphasis and emotion.

    However you decide to structure it I am sure it will kick butt because you will have put your heart and soul into it.
    p.s. Good for you on your choice of restructuring how you do business. A business gives us more freedom to make better decisions. Our lifestyle will dictate if we made the most of that freedom!

    Best regards

    John Kosinski

  123. Michelle Norman 12 April 2013 at 1:01 pm Permalink

    Hello Kim,

    Besides having Kim come to my house, drink iced mocha with me and hold my hand lol this is what I would like to see:

    I would like the Platinum Coaching Program to be broken into several options small lessons. I really enjoyed the day by day video series on Optiming.com. Showing one subject completely step by step. This is what I would do:

    Break it up by month:
    1.) Month One- Show everything you need to do in the beginning. Set up wordpress, what plugins, how to add the proper SEO, where do you get graphics, headers, logos images.

    2.) How to maximize and optimize your posts
    3.) How to do the 10x method to increase hits to your site
    4.) software like the pop up for opt ins etc

    Month two:
    Email newsletter set up and then how to do the auto responders, follow, free gift etc

    Month three:
    traffic generation 10x method

    Month four:

    Maybe even have a section for just the “notes” so if you don’t have time for the videos maybe you can download the E-book etc.

    For me I like step by step and show me the top ten…too much info can be very overwhelming. I get easily distracted and bounce around with too much info.

    Then realize I missed something and have to try and find where I heard this or that etc. So step by step, maybe homework assignments where we do and you check it and give advice on what to improve? This would make me more accountable etc like a real classroom. Plus interacting in a real class setting and getting to know people would be fun. Especially if we can see and hear each others progress.

  124. Diana 12 April 2013 at 1:07 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    Because I lead such a busy life, I would love a course that has documented case studies, along with pdfs that I can read in my own time. Webinars/Videos are slow to load and often at really odd times for us folk down south (South Africa).

    A detailed course with a step-by-step action plan that I can implement in my own time and then measure the results against what should be happening to what is actually happening.


  125. Julio 12 April 2013 at 1:08 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    This is what I would love, the opportunity to work one on one (this could be free or paid for personalized coaching), develop an action plan, tracked every action and share results and learning with the rest of the group. This way we can have complete business cases on diferent niches, diferent goals, and context; we can learn one from each other experiences; as we can see how you develop personalized plans and how each of them are implemented, also the challenges during implementation and how to overcome those challenges.

    Thank you,


  126. Ed MacDonald 12 April 2013 at 1:11 pm Permalink

    To make the Platinum Coaching Program Rock here are a few suggestions.

    Offer List Building Tips, tricks and techniques that actually work.
    Hey Kim,

    With your exciting news early this week, I think that your new program should be in keeping with one of your favorite drinks…Sweet Tea!

    S -ocial media traffic generating strategies.
    W -ebsite analysis of your clients sites by you with feedback.
    E-asy traffic generating strategies for immediate reward for newbies
    E-nergy saving tips ie clients to focus on income producing activities
    T-raffic strategies from your Traffic Treasure chest.

    T -raining component on niche selection for newbies or the frustrated.
    E-mail marketing tips, strategies and secrets
    A-ffiliate marketing Do’s and Don’ts.

    Possibly a bit simple, but just sipping some Sweet Tea from the comfort of your rocking chair on the porch on a muggy summer evening…it might just hit the spot.

    To your continued success…


    • KimRoach 12 April 2013 at 1:19 pm Permalink

      Funnily enough I’m drinking some of my sweet tea right now :)

      This was soooo creative Ed. Very cool!

      Thanks for your comment!

      – Kim

  127. Mehboob Ali 12 April 2013 at 1:21 pm Permalink

    Hello Kim,

    When we talk about coaching programs we are talking about a connection on the personal level. So in a coaching program there is not a single medicine for all :) There are many different models so a coaching program needs to be customized according to the individual. I would prefer a helpdesk like zendesk where there can be a one on one connection and given step by step assignments where we have to complete the first step and have it checked before moving on to the next step + a weekly one hour call on skype. And the step by step assignments can be given via video recordings.

    Another issue with the coaching programs is the cost issue. Most people who want a coaching are the ones who are struggling online and hence don’t have a big amount to invest in coaching and other tools. So it’s just a rough idea if anything like revenue share could be setup that payment could be made from the initial profits earned with a low front end cost to get into the program.

    Hope my suggestions could give you some inspiration to further enhance your coaching program :)

    Thank you!

  128. Jack 12 April 2013 at 1:34 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    Really it’s ALL GOOD.

    But, what I enjoy most are your video’s. Your country – girl next door – charm AND the big smile that always comes through your words.

    You’re sincere, laid back, getting the job done, and show that anybody with dedication and good old fashioned stick-to-it-ivness can as well. It completely translates.

    The cool thing about the video’s is the simple 1…2…3…road map approach you give everyone. The stat’s are always interesting and it’s good to know what’s actually working.

    I don’t feel so isolated. Very comforting indeed.

    There’s so much garbage online these days, that I think it’s diluting the Internets credibility. You’re a breath of fresh air.

    Not sure I answered your question, but I wanted you to know.



    • KimRoach 12 April 2013 at 1:37 pm Permalink

      Thanks Jack!

      You sure know how to make a girl smile :)

      – Kim

  129. Philip 12 April 2013 at 1:41 pm Permalink

    The three things we need to succeed are: a mentor; accountability; and a system that works. (Yes, I really do listen.) :)

    There are a lot of systems that can work so all of us need to pick the one that suits us. The first week should cover overviews of as many “systems” as possible so we can see what really is possible.

    You are an awesome mentor so there’s that. The only twist to what you may need to do to bring the coaching game to a truly new level might be perhaps your greatest challenge of all.

    Some background before I explain what I mean: I am an avid workout fanatic and attend a self defense course for a monthly fee. The class has about 12 to 18 students on any given night and the class lasts for 2 hours. Our “mentor” demonstrates a maneuver, tells us to pick a partner, then leaves us to our own devices as we flounder around trying to learn the moves. By the end of the class, I am frustrated and even a little pissed off.

    This is NOT dissimilar to the vast majority of online coaching programs. All too often, we buy into a mentorship or coaching program where the “mentor” gives us some great information, then offers a forum and a plethora of pdf’s and videos or something along those lines where we spend hours/days/weeks trying to figure out what to do with it.

    That doesn’t work for the majority. So, an effective coaching program, in the mentorship part, would include “nudging for course correction” which would SOMEHOW have to include regular monitoring to the point of actually knowing precisely when to nudge. Everyone is at a different place along the road to success, but the nudge is still the same for us all.

    So, a great…I mean really great coaching course would include setting someone in motion toward their success, then nudging them (precisely) when course correction is required. THAT’s real coaching. Perhaps a student check-in or list or something similar would work. I know it would take a huge part of your time, depending on how many students are allowed in, and what you plan to charge, but that’s what real coaching is to me.

    BTW – I am planning to quit the self defense class.

    For accountability, there are many things that could work; a buddy system even. I can imagine it would be very hard for just one person to crack the whip on a very large audience. Of course, I have no idea what the cost involved is…yet.

    Unless of course, I win the scholarship…in which case it wouldn’t much matter to me.


    PS> you could throw in a cool bonus too, like step by step instructions on how to take the Mainstream WP theme and remove the ugly red thing at the top of the home page of the default template and replace it with an optin form and put a vector image at the top right hand corner that hangs over the edge of the template. I tried working the same magic with this theme and just couldn’t figure it out. You did a beautiful job. Love it.

  130. Ptweet 12 April 2013 at 1:47 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim.

    I’ve been reading every comment and there are really useful ideas here :)
    From all of them, what grabbed my attention was the SEO stuff. For me there are TWO main pillars on IM. SEO and traffic. Done properly, they assure us the most profitable and last longing business. A few weeks ago I tried to reach you, so that we can partner in the most complete course on how to do both of this things properly. So, my opinion is that there’s the need of a amazing SEO course, along with a traffic course or blueprint, updated when needed.

  131. Turburan Octavian 12 April 2013 at 1:52 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    I hope i`m not late with my testimonial !

    In one word when you see Kim Roach name go for it !

    I`m one of her many loyal students from the moment i meet her (i think that was like 2 years ago if i remember right)

    What makes me so exciting ?

    Well there are many products out there launched by many big names but only a very very very small number of them actually cares about his students like Kim does.


    First let`s adress this :. her products are just amazing just like her. Packed with tons and tons of value she practically takes you by the hand and teaches you what you must do in order to have that great IM business everyone dreams about.

    Each module from her products could be very easily sold as a stand-alone product because with each one you can make a good amount of cash.

    Just to name a few her solo ads training was extremly usefull for a person like me which was pretty new in the Email Marketing field

    Yet another module the “10x Method” -another amazing one which works very good even after tons of Google updates. Of course the key is to provide great and extremly valuable content and Kim teaches you how to do that as well !

    Another one again very awesome module “Traffic Syndication” where she provides even more information on how to leverage your assets to bring in even more targeted traffic

    Each module was presented in a great an easy to follow way which even a 10 year kid can follow and apply.


    When i had a question i email Kim and i`ve got a reply very fast. And yes it was a personal email which she took the time to write and send. Now, that might not sound very awesome but for those of you who are in Internet Market you know that this thing is very unlikely to “have” from other product creator.

    Kim is not like that. She helps you every step. It`s like having her on your back saying “do this” “then do that” “great job on this step it`s time now to move to the next one” and that feeling my friends is worth way more than you would pay for.


    Here`s i would say just one thing : You get way way more than you would pay for !

    And that can`t be considered a expense, it`s an investment in your online future ! That`s the way I see it

    Kim once again thank you for everything and as always i`m on the look for the launch…..

    Best whishes,

  132. Dennis 12 April 2013 at 1:55 pm Permalink

    “Over-the-Shoulder Training” is the best by far.
    To see a pro do what we want to do is the perfect
    way to learn the correct way with no gray areas,
    as we can just do what we see with our own eyes.

    Your style is so genuine that it will be a pleasure
    to learn from you, pro!


  133. Lance Williams 12 April 2013 at 2:01 pm Permalink

    Hey Kim

    What I would like to see is a feature where you show how to make the right connection from a specific traffic source to wherever you wanted to send it.

    For example: The way you would connect traffic coming from youtube would be different going to a list building squeeze page as opposed to a topic specific blog.

    The mindset of the visitors will bring about a different response based on where they land. You could explain the difference. Maybe give an example of how to connect them the right way.

    You could do this for the many traffic sources (77) you have.

    Make it the topic of an interview with a member who is doing it correctly. Or you can get a product or website owner who is successful at it to interview and post as membership content.

    You could even give it name like “Kim’s Traffic Connections”

    This one thing will provide content, features, resources and training all in one tight focus while remaining relevant to your theme.

    I think it would help you to be unique in what you are offering. Also, it will serve to help members feel they are receiving more real value from you.

    I know you have a ton of comments, but I would like to know what you think of the idea even I don’t get the scholarship.

    I hope this site turns out to be a very big success for you.


    Lance Williams

  134. Linda Stirling 12 April 2013 at 2:25 pm Permalink

    A delicious opportunity . . .

    My most-wanted list includes:

    Some over-the-shoulder training that

    (1) is live with the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation.
    (2) is recorded.
    (3) has a how-to, detailed, written list to use as a follow up (it’s frustrating to try to take notes, then have to review an entire replay to get the nuggets of what you need, especially if some “added” material during the live event–which is sometimes the best information of all–isn’t included in the written material.).
    (4) has a list of first-action, second-action, etc. breakdowns so individuals can step in at the level most appropriate for where they’re at with their business AND can review if they’re having problems so they can see where they may need to go back and rework, reconsider, revise.
    (5) has a list of resources that were used, complete with instructions (if needed) on how to best use those resources.
    (6) includes as many free or low-cost resources as possible.

    Follow-the-progress case studies

    (1) not from experts who have already succeeded, but from people within the group who are starting out; ideally from two or three different types of businesses over the course of the eight weeks.
    (2) that show how the traffic coming in to these selected members is converted to income.
    (3) written follow-up material each week that outlines the steps & resources these members are using (if the steps and resources are different, then list these by type of business).

    Automation walk-through
    (1) a video example
    (2) written details
    (3) and have this for at least two different automation resource formats

    Team building
    (1) that you monitor in the beginning to make sure each team is operating in the way you see as most beneficial.
    (2) with some rules in place that prevent foul play; maybe something such as if three other members vote them off the island, they have to swim in the internet seas without this lifeboat. I wish this wasn’t necessary, but there are sometimes those who take advantage of others or who don’t “play nice” in other ways. This will make sure the rest of the group has a good experience.
    (3) that is organized in groups that have similar niches so they can help each other long after the eight week program ends. This alone feels like it would be invaluable.
    (4) with weekly challenges to each group that are appropriate to their level of abilities and interests

    The last point, team building, is one where I think the greatest benefit lies. With your guidance for eight weeks, the teams can then support each other in the future. I could see you staging “reunions” so everyone who participates in the program could check back in at a later date to provide updates on progress, discuss hurdles they’ve mastered, or see where they could improve what they’re doing, thus creating another learning opportunity for all. (And a sweet way for you to do some more coaching and get additional testimonials, Kim.)

    Eight is the number for money, so I’m hoping your eight-week program will provide financial abundance not only for you, Kim, but for all who participate.

    Wishing everyone many blessings and the greatest success,

  135. Derek King 12 April 2013 at 2:25 pm Permalink

    Hi there Kim

    To be honest it would be brilliant for me if this was broken down into Traffic Categories.

    I believe the problem is that we (the students) are overwhelmed by so many options, that we never do any of them justice! I know I don’t!

    So, if each category then had a ‘step by step’ tutorial – a ‘how to do it’ video that we could follow along, and at least get that chosen category right!

    If within those categories you could show the relevant links to other categories and how they work-in exactly the same ‘how to do it’ video style that would be brilliant for me.

    We all have different Traffic preferences. For me it’s no use talking ‘blogging’ – I just don’t do it! I don’t find it easy in the real world so why should it be different online? For another that may be the best thing ever.

    I need to fall in love with one option, and then follow that along with an expert (Kim!) until I can do it in my sleep. That’s what I would love to have at my fingertips – such an expert…….

    Take care


  136. Mike "The Truth" 12 April 2013 at 2:34 pm Permalink

    As a long-time instructor, I’ve found that the best way to learn something new…is to teach it to someone else. So my program would be called “Each One Teach One”. Here’s how it would work: I’d look over your shoulder, Kim, (and learn from the Master Blaster). Then you’d assign someone for me to mentor. This way we’ll double the number of people progressing simultaneously. This makes me accountable for a fellow member’s success. If you like this idea, we can then, work out the specificity of the details (the devil is ALWAYS in the details)
    By the way, in case you didn’t notice…I’d REALLY like this Scholarship!

  137. J Freeman 12 April 2013 at 2:44 pm Permalink


    I will keep this short, one thing I would like to see in any course and something that I’ve never seen, is that no one shows what to do if the procedures are followed to the letter and something does not work, no one ever does a “what if” that is something I would like someone try and cover.
    All the best,
    James Freeman

  138. Louqman 12 April 2013 at 2:48 pm Permalink

    Before you start any thing.teach every one how to have a right mindset.this is very important then start of with choosing a product to teach them what to look for when you decide to drive traffic.then teach all the free traffic method that works with live training showing every thing over the shoulder so people could gain trust,then teach them all the paid traffic methods with live training showing them over the shoulder.one more thing to point out.when you show live training make sure you show them proof of income that is being generated from that traffic.this will give credibility and trust and this will force people to leave a positive review.when you show them paid traffic start of with the cheapest one and explain every thing that is in your knowledge .if you show them live income proof with proof of traffic that is generating this income then trust me .your coaching program will rock and be the best.am saying this because people show traffic methods which they don’t use them self and most of there income is from email marketing and they try to attach it with the traffic training.every one is clever now.this doesn’t work any more

  139. invin 12 April 2013 at 3:18 pm Permalink

    hey kim
    One of the biggest frustrations that
    may be experiencing in my quest to
    build a large income online is the lack
    of targeted traffic.
    so I am a firm believer in paid traffic and
    the reason is because you can buy it
    it over come lack of time ,info overload on free traffic
    generation ,lack on meaningful results due to
    low traffic ,lack of a clear path.
    so i would like to join your program to cut time of learning curve !!

    my regards

  140. Madhushan 12 April 2013 at 3:24 pm Permalink

    Hi Roach,

    I would like to call you Roach the Coach (Forgive me if I offended you in anyway). What would I like to learn about traffic?

    1. Take a brand new website. Show how you do Keyword research. Post content. Show how you drive traffic (even if very little). some of them could be free methods and some of them paid. And how long it actually takes to drive traffic through these free methods. (I know it might take a while, but even if you show people how to do something, they will still be skeptical. The biggest fear someone has is, “Yeah. That works for her right. But, what if I do all of these and still don’t get traffic? I will lose all my money and time.” So, why not get into their shoes and do it along with them and prove them it works? Eliminate their doubt.)
    2. Show how what you’ve been doing, indirectly boosted SEO and how your website ranks in Google in the top 3 or something. (People are only scared of SEO because they can’t win at it. Ranking in Google is not just money, it’s pride as well. The pride of doing something right and conquering the big ‘G’iant and being better than their peers. This will earn them reputation in their niche too.)
    3. Next teach how to monetize the traffic.
    4. Different types of traffic convert well for different types of content and offers (adsense, youtube ads, email marketing, affiliate ads, CPV, etc). Teach people about these too.

    P.S: I am sure I have written a lot and taken up your precious time. But, I am a talkative guy, and I can’t help it. :D

    Thankyou for valuing my comment.

    • KimRoach 12 April 2013 at 3:25 pm Permalink

      Love it!

      But how about Coach Roach? That’s what everyone called my dad when
      he coached wrestling :)

  141. Frank Belmont 12 April 2013 at 3:33 pm Permalink


    1) Hire your best student to run your ‘Live’ ops.
    2) Put everything you know in packages:eg.,$97,$197,etc
    with an attached affiliate program.
    3) Travel/Cruise to Rome,Dublin,Paris,Tahiti,Michu Pichu etc
    with the man of your dreams and enjoy life.

    “I read of a man who stood to speak
    at the funeral of a friend.
    He referred to the dates on her tombstone,
    from the beginning…to the end.

    He noted that first came the date of her birth
    and the following date with tears,
    but he said what mattered most of all
    was the dash between those years.

    For that dash represents all the time
    that she spent alive on earth.
    And now only those who loved her
    know what that little line is worth.

    For it matters not, how much we own,
    the cars…the house…the cash.
    What matters is how we live and love
    and how we spend our dash.”

    excerpt:The Dash
    by Linda Ellis copyright 1996

  142. Shaneequa Burrell 12 April 2013 at 4:02 pm Permalink

    Kim you rock when it comes to traffic and traffic strategies. I want to get some of that Kim traffic magic on how to be more engaging when it comes to facebook and getting fans that actually want what you have to offer. List building the right way, what tools to use, and how to be a SEO ninja! I am tired of seeing people claiming to have the latest and greatest way to get traffic only to leave you feeling like you learned nothing and more confused then when you started. I feel that using social media, video and email is the way to go. So give it to me Kim… I want all you have you have to offer straight no chaser.

  143. Joyce M Coleman 12 April 2013 at 4:07 pm Permalink

    I need to break through the barrier of clearly articulating what I offer in a way that resonates with a specific audience. Or, perhaps I need to rethink what I offer.

    I’m fortunate in that I can emulate the language of those with whom I am talking. I have been able to learn most things, whether technical or more straight forward. What I have not been able to accomplish is identify the best audience for my services, craft messages or activities that resonate with them, and deploy those messages and activities in a manner that generates positive responses.

    I have tried numerous programs, but it is as if the secret ingredient or process that makes a recipe fantastic is missing. What are the missing links? What is the sequence of “if/then” reasoning? It may sound infantile, but I need hand-holding as I explore new language, especially its nuances. I need to understand milestones that indicate that I am on the right track. I need to understand when I reach a clear “STOP, return to previous point marker.”

    I have observed numerous situations where intervention that utilizes what I know would help people, but alas! It is as if I’m an invisible bystander unable to reach people in need of what I offer. Perhaps I am the most in need!

  144. James Paul 12 April 2013 at 4:41 pm Permalink

    Something I’d recommend, that few beside myself offer (extremely limited at that), is far more than coaching.

    I’d recommend an accountabillity checklist of sorts where instead of telling them what to do, they flip it and tell you what THEY did. This shows you where they could be slightly missing a concept or executing wrong. They may have an amazing comment for example when involved with forum marketing but completely ignore the CTA and thus have a poor click thru.
    “Action Checklists” where they would fill in the blank and submit it your way.
    A “here’s why” approach where successful campaigns, articles, forum posts, tweets, and etc. are analyzed to show WHY they work.
    At the end of the day, there’s enough mentors and coaches – but none work in this style, aside from myself and it’s shown to be VERY effective as the method isn’t completely forgotten if they are just missing that one aspect. Additionally, we can be “taught how to fish” to use a cliche however when the fish are gone the marketers are stuck not knowing how to find more fish and how to cast their reel when they find the location.

  145. Anne-Marie 12 April 2013 at 5:00 pm Permalink

    I would really like to learn how to build a complete business from start to finish. I enjoy learning from webinars and seeing it done step by step on the screen. It could be different businesses such as affiliate marketing, website flipping, ebooks every month etc… Everyone would be required to do the steps before they attend the next webinar. That will get people to take action and be accountable.

  146. Kater 12 April 2013 at 5:08 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim

    I think several people have posted ideas that resonate with me. What is apparent as you are dealing with different levels of experience.
    Hmm. sounds like tiered coaching or a Rolling Roach Coach??? LOL I couldn’t resist.

    But seriously now…
    I think accountability is a missing factor in a lot coaching programs. There is the delivery of the information and then the participants may do something – or not.

    The accountability factor is kind of hidden in a large group format delivered via webinar. Those people who do the work will speak up and those that struggle tend to cling to the tissue box while hanging their heads in the background. Then there is the situation when someone does the work, but gets stuck and doesn’t have access to help to get unstuck.

    So last night I was thinking about this and how you could add accountability into the deal.

    I’ve heard of other coaches using a single individual as the ‘example’ and have them go through a series of activities.

    The ‘observers’ could perform the same activities if it made sense for their situation.

    Then the next session the coach and ‘example’ reviewed the outcome of the activity.

    This is pretty structured and may not really be suited for a traffic class or what you had in mind. The cool thing is that the ‘observers’ feel part of the program as each week the ‘example’ succeeds or fails.
    Watching another person/newbie actually have the success inspires others to take action.

    If it works, everyone is happy and having fun. If it doesn’t work at least people feel the joy/fun of trying and don’t have to go on wondering what if…

    Can’t wait to see what shakes out!

  147. Fred 12 April 2013 at 5:35 pm Permalink

    Dear Kim:
    What could you provide that could be useful?

    Which techniques could be used to build your list by getting your friends and business acquaintances for whom you already have email communication, to forward your communication (offer) to people on their list or in their address book.

    I want to get to people who would not think to search for what I do, but when they see a communication (offer) talking about what I do, they want to learn more. There are a bunch of these types of people.

    I don’t want to be a pain in the butt to my friends and business acquaintances, so I am looking for a nice way to ask them for their help. A way which will get them into action, but not make them feel used or taken advantage of.

    You, Kim, are uniquely ualified to provide this method. Your emails have always made me feel that I was communication with a real person, who respected my time, was polite, and was not out to take advantage of me. You engendered in me a desire to help you if I could. So many other emails are clearly sent by tricksters, trying to get me to do something. You on the other hand, have befriended me, making me want to do stuff for you if I am able. And so far, I have only purchased one of your low end products. Even though, I have forwarded some of your emails to my friends and business acquaintances who I thought might benefit from your offer. As I get more of my infrastructure completed, I hope to purchase other products, and gain the benefit they provide.

    Good luck with your next launch,

  148. Bob Bigelow 12 April 2013 at 5:44 pm Permalink

    I think the reason a lot of people are interested in your training and scholarship is because they like the teacher. You come across as knowledgeable and authentic, and people appreciate that.

    You can include the usual list-building techniques, seo techniques, over-the-shoulder videos, and PDFs, but I would include a module on what is it you want to sell?

    Unless you have a product to sell, all the training in the world is not going to be of much benefit, unless you sell affiliate products.

    But I have noticed that most of the big earners in the Internet Marketing world sell products related to the make-money-online niche, which includes training such as this.

    So I would like to see training that includes how to decide what kind of product you want to sell online. Hopefully one that you have a passion about.

    Then show us how to build a list and convert the list into happy customers. (I like video learning the best.)

    To take a page from your emails, YOU ROCK!

    Back to the computer!


  149. Brendan 12 April 2013 at 5:56 pm Permalink

    Hey Kim

    I think the most valuable thing is a fortnightly webinar where you open up your brain (so to speak) for your network.

    Maybe lead in with 10 of teaching a skill in lead generation, then have purely Q and A where you go through and pick the best question and answer it live. Then a recording of the webinar is sent out to your network.

    By doing it and linking it to an ipad, you can then have no slides just your voice and the ipad to draw anything you need to for your notes,

    It puts you on the spot but the credibility it builds is enormous.

    Over and out


  150. Jon 12 April 2013 at 5:58 pm Permalink

    Traffic Live should contain training and examples on how to get traffic from all traffic sources. Traffic sources may contain social media traffic, how to get traffic from safelists and traffic exchanges, blogging and SEO. List building strategies could be discused with examples as well. Your best email list building techniques could be used as training. Free list building strategies could be a part of this training as well.

  151. Kat 12 April 2013 at 6:05 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    For me what is really helpful is a combination of real over-the-shoulder training in a niche that has nothing to do with Internet Marketing, and accountability.

    My niche focuses on Dog Owners and I’m not even sure a dog owner would get on a teleseminar. I’d like to see how traffic building works for people in niches who are not acclimated to jumping on a call.

    In terms of accountability, I’d love to see a facebook group or ning group where we could share our ideas and our results and where we are getting stuck.

    My experience is that I am very enthusiastic when I buy something, and I usually don’t act on it as much as I’d like to because somewhere in the system I get stuck. I don’t know what to do and I feel foolish telling my peers about it.

    For example I got stuck writing a simple email yesterday and called one of my mastermind partners who talked it through with me.

    That is what would be helpful to me.



  152. Reesa 12 April 2013 at 6:19 pm Permalink

    Fabulous giveaway Kim. It is great when seasoned marketers have these strategies to use in order to get traffic. But think about a newbie, he/she is not use to a lot of the jargons being used, and just not sure of how to go about the system suggested. Newbies need a step by step guidance to get them familiar with the whole aspect of driving traffic to their site.
    I remember when I first started out, I was told by someone to drive traffic to my funnel. I am saying, “what funnel.” So, I went on the internet looking for a funnel…duh. It may seem simple, but think of a newcomer who has no idea of getting traffic. They are lost, and that’s why so many new bloggers throw in the towel before success come their way.
    Last but not lest, motivate before you start off. People need to prepare themselves for success. Success does not come to an unprepared person, one has to be mentally ready and charged to claim it. Each blogger needs to go after their dream like their life depend on it, and sometimes it does.
    PS. I needed to win this course like how I need oxygen.

  153. Darrell 12 April 2013 at 6:21 pm Permalink

    Hey Kim

    You are awesome!! With all the info you dish out on traffic,I’m sure there are a ton of people who still have no idea on where to start.I think because it starts with them.A lot of people don’t believe that they have what it takes to be successful.I think you should start off with personal development,then targeting and key words.

  154. John Lee Thomas 12 April 2013 at 6:47 pm Permalink

    Hey Kim,

    Looking forward to what you have in store for us as students. I would love to see your coaching/training be presented as follows,

    1) I think a lot of people could benefit most if you teach in an “over-the-shoulder” style of step-by-step training where every detail is demonstrated on-screen as you actually perform each task.

    2) To include every skill level, each task could be separated for beginners, intermediates, & advanced level students. Or, each lesson could be segregated by each student’s level of resources (i.e., free vs. paid tools)

    3) At the conclusion of each lesson, you could also give 2 levels of homework assignments for a) beginners & intermediates, and b) advanced level (for extra credit), to keep everyone happy and learning according to their own level. Homework should be presented in pdf format.

    4) Every student could “self monitor” themselves by tracking their own progress on a pre-printed spreadsheet of the homework assignments.

    5) Actual training lessons could be conducted or even pre-recorded twice/month, and then live group Q&A sessions could also be scheduled twice/month on the “off weeks”

    6) Each “over-the-shoulder” campaign should have an anticipated end date (30 days, 60 days, or 90 days, etc.) when students could submit their completed spreadsheet assignments, and earn merit badges for each full campaign they complete in its entirety. Over time, this will tell you who your real “doers” are. You’d be surprised how merit badges (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, etc.) can motivate people…if they’re given public recognition, and perhaps some level of responsibility by, maybe earning the right to assist you in future teaching lessons.

    These are my general ideas of how I’d like to see your program conducted to keep everyone engaged in the process, and motivated to complete your lessons/campaigns, especially if the students know exactly how long the campaign is scheduled to last. Of course, the next campaign will soon follow the last one, after perhaps a 10 day recess…lol


  155. Miss\y 12 April 2013 at 7:00 pm Permalink

    Hello Kim,

    1. Google hangout training is huge and look forward to learn how to leverage business in that sense.

    2. The power of mobile applications for your business.(Resources)

    3. QR coding (How to create?)

    4. Google + training

    Thanks for asking.

  156. AshleyB 12 April 2013 at 7:53 pm Permalink

    I have a great start on traffic already, getting between 5K and 7K pageviews a day, it’s a PR3, and my Alexa rating is 135,000. The site was started in November.

    I want to get it to the next level. I want a bigger FB following, I currently have 5300 Likes, a much stronger Twitter following, and I need to work on my email sign-ups. Right now I only have about 1200.

    I’m looking at turning this into a blog, and possibly a membership site down the road, but I am not really sure how to get from point A to point B.

  157. Trent 12 April 2013 at 8:01 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    Love your stuff and keeping with your no nonsense style your coaching should be the same.

    I would love to see an actual virtual office set up and run the coaching like a business. There would be weekly status calls at the first of the week and everyone would be given there assignments. During the week would be an over the shoulder training on how to scale your business or how to get things automated, like your fiverr videos you just did which were awesome btw. At the end of the week would be an accountability meeting for everyone to show their results for the week. They could either show how their actual business was doing or set up an account just for trying out the coaching stuff (the alternate account for testing is something I think they should have any way). After a few weeks I would add another meeting and let the students become the teachers. It always helps you learn something better if you teach it at least once. Everything should have a template or checklist and I would use Google Docs to have everyone work like a virtual office. Students would be able to share their own special sauce templates, lists, and SOPs (standard operating procedures) with each other as well. During the coaching, I would love to see some special trainings on building your own virtual team / operation. How to compartmentalize the your whole business and automate everything. Not that you have to stop doing what you like, but just to have the option to put you business on auto pilot if you want to take a long vacation or heaven forbid you get sick. I think the best way to learn something is to do it and if the coach program mimics what everyone should be doing to take their business to the next level, this should go a long way. This may sound like a lot to some, but really your are only talking about a half hour to an hour for each of the meetings. I would also have everyone set up a gmail account and get a Google hangout going for ad-hock meetings and working through questions. This would also allow the students and easy way to work together and with gtalk they could stay in constant contact during the program. What would be even better is to get a Google Apps account and put everyone in the program in the account with an email address at mytrafficmentor.com and that way you would be able to control the permissions and access and it would be like some of the real businesses out there that use Google to work virtually.

    Thanks Kim for being one of the straight arrows out there and I know this will be another program that will take students to the next level.


  158. Brian Williams 12 April 2013 at 8:02 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,
    This is my list of content, features, resources, and training that I would like to see inside Traffic LIVE. I believe that by adding as many of these ideas as possible, Traffic Live will be the best coaching program on the web

    1) I want a program that becomes a part of my online business from day one. Each day I spend time on traffic, list building, marketing, growth, and then operations. I would like for a coaching program to fit into the time I spend on growth that improves and compliments what I do in those other areas. Those activities are my revenue producing activities and have to be my highest priorities each day.

    2) I would like to have access to as much of the information that you have put together as I could get. During the two months in the program and then for one additional month after the program is over, I would like to be able to have access to all of the information in the marketing lab, traffic dashboard, 10x system, etc.. For my needs, just being able to access that information in a library format where I pick what I want that fits the needs of my business. Then, be able to email you one question per weekday as to how what I am learning can be applied most effectively to my situation. I would like for each member to be able to submit a two page summary of our business model, activities, goals, and general plan to you at the beginning of the course for you to have as a reference when answering our questions.

    I feel that the case studies, over the shoulder training, checklists, and templates already in your products would be more than enough, but knowing you, I know that you will be adding more.

    If you could put together a simple indexing system, so if I am looking for information on copywriting, I can quickly see that I have access to these 7 resources in your library. Then, I can go to those, learn from them, and ask you one question per day about the information I am digesting.

    I feel that your time would be best spent giving feedback by email to what we are doing rather than creating more information products. As the students develop their own plans and checklists during the correspondence with you, those should be yours as well to post in the library for all members to access if you see fit.

    Which leads into is my next request,

    3) An opportunity once a day (weekdays only) feedback from you. My biggest struggle is determining the most effective use of my time each day to generate revenue for this month while also devoting time to planting seeds that I can harvest in a few months (such as improving my SEO). Work with us to determine, and then focus on, the 20% of our efforts that bring the 80% of the results. Another example: I would like to be able to learn if I am calculating the dollar value of an optin properly for my business. That would help me determine which activities I should then spend my time or my outsourcing money on to have the most positive impact on my business

    4) I would like the opportunity to work every single day of the program on improving my business plan and my action plan and goals for the next 12 months. If every member can come out with an individualized plan that they develop with feedback from you for the next 12 months, we will have that to move forward after our two month program is over.

    I want to improve my skills, the decisions I make, and the direction I take to be able to continue to grow my business for the next 30 years. The value of any education we experience is what we have remaining one year, five years, and every day until we are ready to sell our business.

    To begin the course, I would like to receive a general plan of daily activities that you construct that will lead to both immediate and also long term growth in the following areas:

    A) Traffic—organic (onsite and offsite SEO activities with panda and penguin information and strategies, paid, social media, swaps, etc… Basically flushing out the details of the 97 ideas you posted in your mind map a few days ago

    B) Sales Funnel–developing the best way and the best time to grow my list, market products, segment customers, and make follow up offers

    C) The use of social media to grow our businesses (as one example—not the only example: How many times a day should I tweet, what is the best way to word the tweets, how do we determine the best time of day, what is the best way to track and analyze the effectiveness of our tweets.) and the same for Google plus, Pinterest, and Facebook.

    Then, as the 8 weeks unfolds, members work toward tailoring that generic plan you gave all of us at the start into a plan that we can take forward for our businesses. I would like to leave the program with a blueprint to continue to build my business that has your expert stamp of approval on it.

    To accomplish the goal of every member being able to leave with a solid plan that is specific for them, I would like to see:

    1) one email question asked of you per day or per set days (M, W, F only
    or whatever is logistically feasible)

    2) 4 checkpoints for the plans we are developing and tweaking with you. We email you our updated plan every two weeks and you send it back with suggestions within 3 or 4 days.

    3) 1 opportunity for a 60 minute hot seat to have our businesses dissected from your point of view.

    4) Assigned a “study buddies” group of three students from the group to hold each other accountable and help fill in gaps as we go through the program. The focus would be on what the group does for each individual, not on what the overall group can accomplish together such accumulating points in a contest. At the halfway point, we could discontinue those groups of three. By that time, we could have corresponded in the forums enough to know who we would like to possibly take the conversations to Skype, emails, phone calls, or even form our own masterminds.

    5) A forum for members to ask and answer questions for each other

    My career has been as a public school teacher, administrator, and coach. So I understand the value of motivation. But, I would like to see you focus your time on nuts and bolts that can grow our business. To me, anything you have to do to motivate group members takes time away from you providing direction for our learning. I would rather have you use your days to give me direction and feedback as opposed to motivation.

    In a coaching program, any group activity should value the individual over the group. If I were in a group I wouldn’t want to hold anyone back by having any part of their experience be dependent upon me. I also would not want the group to take me away from the direction I want to go by not understanding the needs of my business.

    I learned that the best teacher is a “Guide on the side, not a sage on a stage.” In my opinion, you have put enough content out that I would like to see you, as a coach, guide us to where we can find what we are looking for and then give us feedback on how we are doing via the daily question. Just as an example. I put up a welcome gate and am getting a 9% optin rate. I would like to be able to ask you questions such as : if that is a rate that I can live with so that I move on to the next list building project, should I spend my time improving that rate, or should I abandon it altogether.

    As the saying goes, you can do anything you want, but not everything you want. So, since your members will be running businesses each day, and with the understanding that this is group coaching—not private coaching, I would like to see the program have priorities of:

    1) You provide a general business blueprint and one year planning model to the entire group on day one that we then work on ourselves every day with the ultimate goal of making it our own when the 2 months are up

    2) You would open up all of your resources to us with an indexing system that we can use to find the information we are looking for. Add resources as we develop them from the needs of the students. Give us access for a short period after the coaching session is over to help digest. I would like for my two months to be very intense.

    3) Feedback from you—daily short questions, bi-weekly “grading” of our plan we are developing and implanting, and a one time hot seat for each member—could be in the form of an open webinar or Google hangout. To me feedback from you is the one thing that would make this program stand out from other programs.

    4) Daily work on our business plan with implementation being the top priority, forums to ask additional questions of members. In the forums. As we correspond in the forums, we could then decide if there are other members that we would want to connect with.

    I would really benefit from a very intense focus on those four objectives and activities.

    Thanks for allowing all of us to express what we are looking for.

    Brian Williams

    • KimRoach 13 April 2013 at 1:01 pm Permalink

      Good stuff Brian! I’m going to have to print some of these :)

    • Carol Amato 13 April 2013 at 2:04 pm Permalink


      CONGRATULATIONS – This is the best comment I’ve ever read with regards to giving input on features desired in a coaching program!

      You deserve to win – so happy for you!

      Have a blessed weekend. :)
      – Carol

      • Michael Dorey 13 April 2013 at 3:20 pm Permalink

        Good job Brian! I hope that Kim uses your ideas. They are some of the best that I’ve ever seen. I think you’ve captured just about everything that us internet marketers need to learn in a training class. Good luck with your business.
        Michael Dorey…

    • Eric Pangburn 13 April 2013 at 10:45 pm Permalink

      Congrats Brian! Best of luck and it looks like your on your way to more success!

      Great job!


      P.S. If I ever offer a coaching program I need hook up or ask you before doing so :)

    • Amanda 14 April 2013 at 3:05 pm Permalink

      Congratulations Brian!

      Your ideas are incredible and well focused. I know you will get a huge amount of knowledge from the coaching and develop your skills that will help you create an incredibly successful business.

    • Trent 15 April 2013 at 6:52 pm Permalink

      Congratulations Brian. Very good stuff. Thought I might be in the running till I read your post. Awesome work!

  159. Warrick Sullivan 12 April 2013 at 8:59 pm Permalink

    Hey Kim,

    As much as I love the how-to instructions on all the modern traffic and marketing techniques, I would love to learn more about the mindset that makes you and other successful online business people so good at what they do. For me it is all about the mindset that separates yourself from the thousands of others that are blindly searching for one hot strategy after another. What is it that separates you from the bunch? What do you think about when you get up in the morning, and what gives you such confidence and belief to find business opportunities in situations that would bring most people to their knees (in the case of your recent domain abduction, when someone steals your baby). For me, this is the special something that is missing from all the how-to courses out there.

    I know a lot of this gold is scattered though all your work. You share so much of your personality, a lot of your beliefs and passions come through as well, but I would love to see a section dedicated to the mindset it takes to truly stamp your name on the online world. To have to confidence to know that even if you woke up and had lost everything, you have the skills , mindset and belief to reach the heights that few people enjoy.

    Food for thought?

    Warrick Sullivan

  160. Mary 12 April 2013 at 9:14 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,
    Really enjoy your blog and your emails. Thank you for this opportunity to pitch ideas and suggestions to you. Hopefully you will find them informative and useful.

    Here is my contribution:


    1) Weekly goal setting with specific targets to achieve, broken down in daily goals and actionable steps with built-in accountability
    2) Detailed plan of action to ensure those goals and targets can be realistically achieved within the time-frame
    3) Over the shoulder “how to” videos for the more intensive action steps that require demonstration
    4) Strategies on ranking in Google post Panda/Penguin
    5) Strategies on building a sustainable following
    6) Strategies on acquiring targeted traffic from sources other than Google or the other search engines
    7) Strategies on adapting to the continual Google algorithmic changes to ensure sustainability and maintain earnings
    8) Strategies on working with various online platforms to improve ranking and increase targeted traffic
    9) Strategies for acquiring, maintaining and engaging with our subscribers
    10) Strategies on creating, marketing and maintaining a successful brand within our chosen niche
    11) Strategies for growing and expanding both the business and traffic
    12) Strategies on successful outsourcing for maximum return
    13) Strategies for mobile marketing
    14) Motivational incentives for maximum success
    15) Recommended tools for added success and the strategies for maximizing their potential


    1) Top-Notch Expertise
    2) Mentoring
    3) Sustainable Approach
    4) Intensive format for rapid results
    5) Emphasis on practical and essential steps
    6) Relevant Case Studies
    7) Weekly Q&A resulting in creation of a knowledgebase


    1) Videos
    2) PDFs
    3) Email
    4) Webinars
    5) Podcasts
    6) Social Media
    7) Google Hangout
    8) Case Studies
    9) Mindmaps
    10) Knowledgebase
    12) Skype


    1) Traffic generation sources with clear instruction on the niches they are most suitable for
    2) Analysing and increasing traffic conversion
    3) Growth and expansion while maintaining and increasing targeted traffic flow
    4) Action steps for effective time management and success
    5) Successful outsourcing for increased efficiency and rapid growth
    6) Mobile marketing
    7) Risks and rewards

    Thanks again Kim!


  161. Kim Baese 12 April 2013 at 9:16 pm Permalink

    All your ideas for Traffic are so helpful. I would like to see some squeeze page creators, banner and video creations, and maybe some ad generators. Help to compile the copy that just catches the eye!

    Help with getting traffic to social media sites like FB, pinterest, twitter, google+. Creative ways to use those modes of advertising.

    Your take on traffic exchanges and safelists. Low cost or FREE ways to market. I’m unemployed right now so any help would be great! I look forward to seeing all the modes of marketing you mentioned above. Maybe ideas on the no blog method. Oh, did I say a bad word? Is it possible to market without the traditional blog method? Thanks and I appreciate all you do!

  162. Leina 12 April 2013 at 9:45 pm Permalink

    Hey Kim,

    You could charm the dew drops off a honey suckle, lol — is that saying that your people use in the South or was my friend just making it up?

    Honestly — I just want to learn how to drive targeted traffic to my website — where and how do i find it and once found, what should I do next? What do I need to do/say to get them to leave their name and email address — and once they have signed up what can I do next to show my potential customers/prospects that I genuinely care about them and want to give them the best value that I can?

    I believe the fastest way for anyone to learn how to do anything is by copying – so:

    Over the shoulder training for sure – videos in bite size chunks, perhaps no longer than 12mins in duration?

    That’s all — just honest easy to understand guidance that we can then do ourselves ultimately providing the best service to our customers and creating an income that will set us free from the rat race, allowing us to live life on our own terms.

    Blessings — Leina.x

  163. Eddie Gear 12 April 2013 at 10:26 pm Permalink

    Wish you all the success Kim. I would like to see things like how bloggers are really making it big. Most of the case studies list are bloggers becoming product owners and other ventures that makes money and not really blogging. So I would like to see how bloggers make it big.

  164. Lynn C. 12 April 2013 at 11:35 pm Permalink

    Hey Kim,

    I think what was lacking in most coaching programs is lack of follow up. How many students applied what techniques and succeeded in their businesses? Why some succeeded and why some fail? Could it be personal attributes? Wrong niche selection? Marketing problem? Any statistics to show this?

    I know in your membership program, you had created some live sites to demonstrate your traffic techniques, we want more transparency and follow up for these sites you have developed. Tell us what is successful and what is not.

    Hopefully, to see this in the coaching program. Thank you.

  165. Grant 12 April 2013 at 11:57 pm Permalink

    Hey Kim

    Apologies if any of these have already been mentioned. I’m just going to tap out my thoughts on the keyboard.


    First of all, I think it’s a great idea to share your mindset on your business. In other words, what’s the difference from being an excited newbie to having the correct focus to build a long term and successful business.

    Planning and Goals

    How to set up plans and goals for your business. Perhaps from annual to 6 monthly, 3 monthly, monthly, weekly and daily.

    Step by Step Training

    One of the roadblocks I tend to face is what to do next. So a step by step plan, with daily actions would be a good idea.

    Using a checklist with the action plans would also be great. For example, video training, then a checklist/action plan and an assignment for the day.

    Case Studies

    Case studies are always a great way to learn, so being able to start from scratch with you would be a great idea. We could follow along with you, doing the same thing and hopefully all getting positive results.


    I believe that accountability is a major factor in success in any field. Having a mentor who’s showing what to do and then kicking you up the butt to make sure you’re actually doing it is essential.

    That’s why I like the idea of daily assignments and checklists. The student is shown what to do, told to go and do it, then can’t go on further until they’ve completed that assignment.

    Obviously, life can sometimes throw us a curveball, but the student should still have to finish that assignment before being able to move on.

    I should add, that any excuse for not completing an assignment would have to be pretty big. This goes back to accountability and butt kicking.

    A weekly one on one email might also be an option for doing this.

    What Works Now?

    There is so much information out there that is just plain confusing. One person will say method A is the way to go, and then somebody else tells us that method A doesn’t work since the Google Pikachu update or something, and we should actually be doing method B…and so on.

    So to find out what works and what we should be putting our time into, instead of wasting time on an old tactic that simply doesn’t work anymore.

    Social Media

    Again, there seems to be confusion on the proper way to maximize your efforts using social media. How to integrate it on your own sites, how often should you post, what to post about and if it’s even worth the bother?

    Student Spotlight

    A look at a student’s site and their traffic routine. Either a current student or a past one, even both, and a critique on what’s being done correctly and what’s to be avoided.

    It would also be good to hear from a previous student who has been successfully using some of the techniques we’re learning.

    Split Testing

    Split testing and the correct way to do it with examples would be good. For some reason, this always confuses me.

    Budget Sections

    Separate training for people with different levels of budget. For example, free traffic (no budget), under $100, under $500, $500 and over.

    Competitions and Awards

    To add to accountability, the added incentive of competitions would push things up a notch. I’m thinking of something like a JV leaderboard.

    The student with the most visitors/subscribers/revenue, whatever the criteria is, could be placed at the top of the leaderboard, with either prizes or just a good old pat on the back for doing well.

    A person’s natural competitive spirit would drive them on to climb the table.

    Badges and Status

    In a similar idea, each student could have a status given to them depending on how much they’ve achieved through the program.

    Something along the lines of 100 visitors a day for a bronze member, 500 for silver and 1,000 for gold.

    These are just numbers from the top of my head, but I’m sure you get the idea.

    This could also be used again for subscribers, revenue or any other target. You could also receive a gold medal next to your profile, that type of thing.

    Extra Training

    Something else that could be offered to students with badges or awards is extra training. For example, top the leaderboard and get a one on one consultation for 30 minutes. Or, gold students get a special training video on how to…whatever.

    FAQ Style Section

    When a student contacts you with a problem, instead of answering only them, you could also add it to the FAQ section. That way, we could all learn collectively from everyone else’s experiences and avoid problems before they come up. Over the shoulder style videos would also be great for this.

    Golden Nugget Section

    Along the lines of the FAQ section, could be a section on things that students have stumbled upon that has worked for them. Again, collectively we could all create a large and powerful knowledgebase.

    Webinars/ Hangouts

    A chance to ask you questions directly or, students could send their questions in through the week and you’d answer them in one webinar at the end of the week.

    I didn’t mean to keep typing this long, but another idea kept on coming.

    So Kim, I hope this helps in some way and good luck with the launch.


    • KimRoach 13 April 2013 at 12:58 pm Permalink

      Some great ideas here Grant :)

  166. jill colomy 13 April 2013 at 12:00 am Permalink

    Hello kim,
    great idea!

    How important it is to have a MENTOR and follow their plan.

    Also, I would love to see over the shoulder, step by step plan on how to place yourself in front of the traffic. No more, “driving the traffic”.

    Live in the now and keep it simple!

    Thank You

  167. shane 13 April 2013 at 12:05 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,
    Let the countdown begin for April 15th.
    To make the Platinum Coaching Program Rock it would be great to see a coaching program that showed everything over the shoulder training from start to finish.

    Training that begins by finding a profitable market to enter, all the way to creating a converting funnel, collecting emails for list building and then driving traffic to our finished masterpiece.

    Along the way it would be good to have homework tasks for the weeks lessons. I can get overwhelmed easy so having a step by step plan would be a great help.

    Also learning some training in product creation or how to find good affiliate products to promote.

    A coaching program that will be fun and enjoyable and interactive. Internet marketing doesn’t need to be dull.

    Wish you well with your upcoming coaching


  168. Kisa 13 April 2013 at 12:11 am Permalink

    Hey Kim! Wow, so many things come to mind for me. I know your new program will be absolutely amazing! If the program could have the items below, it would absolutely awesome!!

    (1) Over-the-shoulder step by step training to take a member from step one to their first pay day. And then a game plan to continually success. Also weekly live group webinars with you for updates on progress, recommendations that will jumpstart our next week, and any other tidbits that would encourage more success.

    Honestly, if there could be a Guaranteed Success Bootcamp Blueprint Series (tongue twister:)…I would absolutely LOVE that. A blueprint that can be followed step by step of only the most successful strategies, that if followed to an absolute tee, can virtually guarantee success. Almost like success in a box…lol, but only if followed correctly of course. Having a more streamlined process to acquire success without a whole lot of theory on different types of strategies, but more of the things that work best and how to go about implementing would be pure gold!

    And definitely, feedback from you on our progress and an opportunity to have weekly contact with you for questions….what should we change? Do better? Tweaks that can make a big difference in our success?

    I notice that there is a tremendous amount of information overload out there. If we could connect with you more as we go through the process of building our businesses and sustaining them by having opportunities to ask questions and get your feedback on a regular basis that would be priceless.

    I wish you much success with this new endeavor! You’re awesome and I know that it will be absolutely amazing :)

  169. Michael Dorey 13 April 2013 at 12:28 am Permalink

    Okay Kim, everytime I think you can’t be anymore Awesome than you already are you go and just Blow my mind again! I’m so excited! A free training scholarship from you? Unbelievable! Well, let me think, what could make this the most awesome training program ever? I’ll be honest with you Kim, first thing that comes to mind is it seems like most people that start a business on the internet end up failing.They just never follow through. they give up so early. it seems that all the “gooroos” and so called experts only give you just enough so you can buy their next miracle system. I would like to know, What is the secret to the full road to success? I don’t want just traffic, I want convertible traffic! I want my traffic to turn into sales because let’s face it sales equal money and money equals success. I want to learn how to have fun with my home business! I don’t want to be one of those guys are just glued to the computer 24 /7 with no time for me no time for my family. I want to learn how to build the right niche website. I want to learn how to set up a system that I am making money when I’m sleeping. I’ve always longed for that feeling when I wake up in the morning go to my laptop with my cup of coffee and open it up and just see money just stuffed into my Pay Pal account from the night before. I want that feeling Kim please teach me. I want a teacher that brings me from Start to Middle to Finish and is still my friend afterwards. I also want to be able to give back give back to teach other people what I learned keep the fire going to keep the teaching going to teach others teach others. Zig Ziglar once said that if you can learn how to teach others how to make money and be successful then in turn they make you money and make you successful that’s what it’s all about. Well Kim, I think I’ve wrote enough. I’m rambling now but I hope you pick me cuz I would be one of your most grateful students and I would definitely give back everything that you taught me. thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion here I guess to sum everything up Kim I just want a teacher that cares about my success and not just about making the next dollar off of me. I’ve been following you for the last 18 months and I do believe that you are one of the very few that care and I look forward to learning everything I can from you. Thanks again Kim have a nice day.

  170. Sergio 13 April 2013 at 1:29 am Permalink

    Kim, you are the winner!

    What a great and smart way to gain market research and compel people to move fast to give you information YOU need to make your business better.

    I like it and I am using it!

  171. Eric Pangburn 13 April 2013 at 1:47 am Permalink

    Hey Kim,

    Wow, first I comment that you have a lot of great suggestions and a lot of work to try to narrow all these wonderful tips down to just ONE winner!

    A few things that I would suggest is module information in the structure such as the following:
    Notes – Video/podcast – homework – live group meet up

    I would do that each week which can really help build a sold repetition and really build on each other.

    A few extra things that could help spice some things up: group assignments, individual competitions, group competitions.

    One thing that I could see being very attractive is offering something like the show “The apprentice”. This could be played out in several different ways such as individually or teams. Than you could either play for actual money that goes towards a pot for Charity or the winning team. Or could it be just for points and than the winner get a chance to launch something with you. There are a lot of different ways that could make this a great learning process and while actually learning the competitive real online marketing.

    I guess I am just going off of how I learn, and I from the above process that I shared of listening, reviewing, practicing, and debriefing the experience and the whole process.

    Than this is just a rough draft of what I would see as a progressive weekly teaching material:
    1.) Top 3 ways your currently generating income
    (examples: niche site, landing pages, sales funnel, blog)
    2.) The Nuts and Bolts of putting together the previous 3 ways to generate income
    3.) Building Traffic
    4.) Social Media
    5.) The Art of Outsourcing
    6.) Contest/challenge #1 – This could be creating a blog
    7.) Contest/challenge #2 – This could be creating a landing page
    8.) Contest/challenge #3 – This could be selling Kim Roach product

    This is just some of the thoughts that I had if I were wanting to join a course such as this. Something very practice that I would feel 100% equipped to leave the course and be able to do all that I learned and ready to hit the ground running.

    Thanks for this great offer and the opportunity!


  172. Glen 13 April 2013 at 2:19 am Permalink

    What a fantastic ideas to have an intensive 8 week ‘traffic’ training…’Traffic LIVE’.

    I’ve read all the posts here, and I see there are people here who need help with so many aspects of internet marketing…from FTPing a file right though making a sale

    But in the end the single most critical aspect to becoming successful and making money online is … how to generate consistent targeted traffic to your sites.

    If you don’t learn how to drive targeted traffic to your sites, then all the rest really means nothing

    That’s why I’m excited about your new direction you’ve taken with…’MyTrafficMentor.com’

    There are countless other training courses out there that cover all the ‘general’ aspects of how to make money online. Sadly though most of them fail because there is simply so much to learn that the teachers of these courses have no hope of ever covering the real important material in any of these course. They just skim the surface.

    I realize a number of posters here talk about wanting to learn about sales funnels, list building, site design, etc. But with this training I believe you have to resist getting too involved all the ‘general’ aspect of making money online, otherwise it becomes just another internet marketing training program

    You have a unique gift of being able to present information in such a clear and concise and easy to understand way that anyone from a newbie on up will have no trouble understanding.

    That’s why I firmly believe the ‘over the shoulder videos’ and ‘case studies’ formats are by far the best ways of teaching because those formats take full advantage of those skills of yours

    We are all here for …’All things traffic’

  173. Fay 13 April 2013 at 3:36 am Permalink

    Hi Kim, firstly thank you so much for the generous opportunity to give us a say in what you will include in your new program.

    I have just completed creating a new product under the careful guidance of Lee McIntyre and it’s all just about ready to roll out. I’m over with the confusion and overwhelm and now that I have this awesome product created – traffic is the next thing!

    I’d love to see information on comparisons of how different traffic strategies work for different target markets eg: IM/lifestyle/health etc. I’m sure you will have members from all subject areas and as you know, it’s never a ‘one size fits all’. Often programs focus only on traffic strategies that work for one particular kind of market and leaves others out in the cold still wondering.

    A module/information on how to write banners, ads, solo swipes that convert would be awesome, and the psychology behind a well converting copy.

    Access to technical assistance would be awesome too, or alternatively great click by click videos on ‘how to’ do any of the technical requirements involved in successfully creating, installing or tracking traffic strategies.

    Knowledge without action is useless. Some form of group ‘competition’ or accountability would help to ensure members were actually implementing, which would not only increase their success, but also in turn, increase the success of your program which is important for you.

    I’m super excited to be able to start to follow your traffic strategies and see what works best for my new product.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I hope you have a great supply of Mocha!
    Cheers from Australia…

  174. Nils 13 April 2013 at 5:22 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    Google Out – Traffic In – List Building In

    It doesn´t matter how nice website you have, how nice plugins you have, how nice images you have, how many videos you have, how many articles you have, how nice Facebook Page you have, how you fix with your links, how nice graphics you have, how much your affiliate product converts, what Amazon theme you have, how nice descriptions you have, how good keywords you have…and so on…

    If you don´t have Traffic you have nothing! Problem is, Almost Nothing is Free!

    With Traffic you get list building – subscribers, no Google goverment, statistics, split testing, conversion rate, sell ads, easier to get content – guest writers, sell other products and best of all, you get paid! Traffic means you don´t have to rely on someone else to put food on your table.

    But how to fix it Meanwhile? We all have the same problem – Time is Limited. Family, work, buying food, prepare it, eating it, watch the news, football, car problems, sleeping zzz, keep in shape, hair cut, waiting for bus, going by bus or car or bycycle, waiting for elevator, waiting for the dog to do what´s it supposed to do…

    Dear Kim, if you could come up with the Final Traffic Solution. Maximum profit – Minimum work :-) it would be very much appreciated :)

    Or, what is the best plan for being able to work each day: 2, 4, 6 or 10 hours with a Traffic budget of $50, $100, or $200 per month? What overall solution for Website and Social Networking when it comes to Traffic? Which Traffic sources should I go for with such a budget? And for this, only Over-the-Shoulder Training of course.

  175. Joy 13 April 2013 at 5:29 am Permalink

    Hi Kim
    Something that occurred to me was what an incredible response to your offer. I think your ability to engage your clients is quite inspirational. I thought I had an interactive list but when I put a comments feature on a video and sent it out only one person out of 5,000 left a comment and that was my flatmate :-) Methods of engagement would be very useful.
    Thanks Kim

  176. Jacob 13 April 2013 at 5:49 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    This would be my suggestions in relation to the contents of the how the upcoming training.


    1:Over the shoulder training- Where you go through the steps on how to start and finish then just verbal explanation which i have seen with other training.

    2:Sources of free traffic,or cheap and affordable methods that really works

    3:Automated system – to save time and money

    4:Weekly check list/homework

    5:Members’ forum to share ideas and tasks

    However, i have a quick because i am a current coaching student of yours on marketing lab….How how would the upcoming training be different from the marketing lab training?

    What will happen to those students who are enrolled now given that new training is about to launch?



  177. Monja 13 April 2013 at 6:18 am Permalink

    Getting traffic is definitely the one thing i usually struggle with most as soon as i have my website set up. that´s why i enjoyed your series so much last week.
    of course it depends on the market where to get traffic from. but i guess there are a lot of things we can do.

    1. when i have zero followers/fans/subscribers – how do i get the first 100
    2. where do i find new traffic sources? what do i have to look for?

    thanks for the chance to win, i so would love to work with you

  178. Sean 13 April 2013 at 7:22 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    I love your no-hype, straight-shooting style. I think you would do a masterful job at creating a multi-tiered membership training site with the Platinum Level including…

    1. Look over my shoulder training starting with choosing a niche – not just the nuts and bolts, but also the psychology of niche selection.

    2. Taking that niche and, again with look over my shoulder training, develop a site/blog that will rock and get it to the point where…

    3. You teach how to drive massive traffic

    4. Teach all of your incredible insider Ninja traffic strategies

    5. Do follow-up training on how the traffic strategies are producing, or not producing

    I’d love to be part of that style training.

    All the best,

    Dr Sean

    PS A week ago I used just two of your Fiverr ideas. You saved me some serious cash and the results have been almost too good to believe. Many Thanks!

  179. Don 13 April 2013 at 8:22 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    It sure looks like you have a tons of great comments to choose from. All I can say is what a great prize for the lucky winner. I think you are honest and that is why I open your emails. I do not know enough about IM to really answer your question. I do know that a website needs quality traffic to find it or your out of business.


  180. Duncan 13 April 2013 at 8:31 am Permalink

    As a newbie I would find a ‘Traffic Bible’ hugely beneficial.

    Traffic Bible would be a complete guide of Kim’s tried and tested traffic methods that are delivering results today. In other words, proven and up to date traffic strategies, both paid and unpaid.

    ‘Kim’s Traffic Bible’ would be a step by step process course which breaks down the best current traffic generation systems into bite sized chunks, leaving no stone unturned, therefore leaving students satisfied they possess all the knowledge needed to implement highly successful traffic generation strategies for their niches / products.

    Thanks Kim.

    Best wishes,


  181. Dr David 13 April 2013 at 8:49 am Permalink

    Dear Kim,
    I would like to see massive action plans with timelines. As a recent reader I have seen how great you are at providing excellent content. I would like to see the steps and timelines to take to achieve those actions. We all know it requires hard work and time however these massive action plans will provide a guide for not only what and how to do something but outcomes expected and the time needed to accomplish the task.
    Thank you again for a great site and the opportunity.
    Dr. David

  182. Irene 13 April 2013 at 9:04 am Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    Congratulations on all the great changes to your business and your personal life! I’ve been a member of the marketing lab for a long time now and I’m very excited to see what your new course has in store for all of us! :)

    I believe people will benefit a lot from a real strategy or business plan with actionable steps they could take everyday to improve their business. For ex., Day 1, write your goals & your business plan. Day 2. prepare your customer avatar, Day 3. Decide which traffic sources you will use and assign your budget, etc.

    Include detailed strategies on how to execute each step and strategies for making the best use of your time as many people who get started online still have full time jobs, families, etc.

    Business planning is not the sexiest topic in the world but I think it would help combat information overload and overwhelm and give your students some real direction and focus.

    Perhaps you could hold a 30 day challenge among your students where they have to implement these steps and see who makes the most progress in their business at the end of the challenge.


  183. John Paduchak 13 April 2013 at 10:56 am Permalink

    There are some really great comments here, but many would be impossible to cover in an 8 week period. I know the toughest part about getting up and running is points where you get stuck.
    1.) Creating your own product or finding a product to sell
    2.) Putting all the parts of the Funnel together
    3.) Driving Traffic and sources
    4.) Checklists and or over the shoulder video of the steps

    There seems to be lots of interest in branding and how to do it with/without your own blog.

    I hope what you will try to have for the end result is a coaching program that can get someone up and running with a product, creating a list, Driving Traffic that converts, and making money with it all as simply as possible. In the end I think you would want to include easy simple ways to begin to take advantage of mobile and social media. The challenge with any coaching program is in keeping it simple and step by step without leaving anything out so you can achieve great results.

  184. Debbie 13 April 2013 at 12:31 pm Permalink

    I was thinking this over and maybe many would benefit from a site with examples of different types of blogs and websites with suggestions for each type. Kind of like a manual critiquing different aspects of the site: All the different ways on how to improve a site with step by step instructions.
    Show your Pipelines and how to actually apply them.
    Ways to get more traffic.
    Affiliates and how to make money.
    How to set up email and subscriber lists.
    How to get help without being consumed and having very little results.
    Some sites have great information but are like in a huge ocean hardly noticed. A lot of this is just knowing the system, how it works, and how to make the best use of it.
    A forum would be great. People generally like to help others and are happy to give of their knowledge.
    When I have searched for help with my website, there are so many people that just want to make money, but it is hard to trust their motives.I do not want to throw my money away.
    Kim, you seem genuine and I would love to have your help and for you to benefit financially in the process. Best Wishes and Thanks.

  185. Debbie 13 April 2013 at 12:59 pm Permalink

    I was also thinking about:
    What if you had a team that could look at a website that is asking for help.
    One of your team members promotes the site by setting up email,subscribers, affiliate banners, etc. Everything they know to do that would make money.
    Their incentive, they make an agreed percent of the profit.
    Your incentive, you make a percent as the overseer.
    I would love something like this. You have your expertise and I have mine. WE both Profit..

  186. Nur 13 April 2013 at 2:13 pm Permalink

    I know I can’t win because you’ve already picked the winner, but I want to make a comment anyway.

    I really liked the idea for your authority site Optimizing Your Life. I would love to see training devoted to building, content and traffic strategies for such authority sites.

    I like building authority sites but I always get lost and I have to keep a terrible battle with myself to keep organized, which leaves me exhausted.

    In a nutshell: Sound viable strategies for large authority sites that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

  187. Steve 13 April 2013 at 4:15 pm Permalink

    I’d love to see an in-depth instruction of creating funnels, including creating the actual opt-in & download pages.

    Also I would like to hear your ideas on AR messages; copy writing, how often, affiliate links, pure info, etc.


  188. Linda Stirling 13 April 2013 at 11:27 pm Permalink

    Congratulations, Brian! Here’s to your every success!

  189. Jack 14 April 2013 at 8:12 am Permalink


    I think it should be over-the-should training on how to get traffic – so for instance forum posting, seeing an example is much better. I used to reply but apparently the pros start threads not replying…

  190. fred 16 April 2013 at 2:04 pm Permalink

    i would like to see a 30 day, 60 day or 90 day 1-2 hours daily action plan to making your first 1k or more per month consistantly.
    Also a daily checklist
    Also at the end of each week someone should check your progress to see
    if you are on track or if you missed anything and need to go back before continuing.
    Also weekly webinars and email support
    Also short videos on how to implement the best traffic methods from
    a-z and not leaving anything out with Q and A at the end of each video training.
    Also continue revealing new tips and tricks that your using yourself weekly or monthly or however.
    Lastly continue to show your progress as well as others who are improving to motivate and to also improve everyones results , and maybe a team coop to share traffic and visitors that we can pay for.
    thanks for asking kim…

  191. Anthony Rhuggenaath 16 April 2013 at 2:19 pm Permalink

    Hi Kim,

    I always enjoy the info you put out there.

    Basically I was thinking about a Google Proof Traffic Immune System (for Dummies), i.e. a cure for the ever changing Google Mutant Virus.

    Hope this helps.


  192. Flo 16 April 2013 at 2:55 pm Permalink

    Wow. Not sure if this has been awarded or not. Although all the above ideas are good and part and parcel of many training programs, as the sink gets thrown at the wall hoping something will stick, the overwhelm grows. A person could know intrinsically all these things are needed, and yet just looking at the list become too afraid to even try.

    I would suggest you start with small parcels of information and short lists of actions to be taken. Show us the quickest and easiest way or couple ways to have success and see some money coming in and then add a few at a time the other elements. Small successes will help hold down the fear and keep a person moving forward (and not refunding.)

    Give us flexible checklists so for those of us who have demanding lives and full-time jobs we can follow along at our own pace and not feel left behind. We are all different with different needs and some flexibility would help. This does not mean a lack of accountability, but an honest acknowledgement that other things in life have to be gotten done as well. And damaging one’s health trying to keep up with the others, the older you get the less an option that is.

    As a bonus, I would like to see some information on business models, not the ever present IM avenues, but a serious discussion of S corp, C corp, LLC, etc. It is so hard to find reliable information from an IM persective on these topics and that would make you, Kim, unique.

  193. kristine 17 April 2013 at 9:38 am Permalink

    I think the most important thing you can do to make this program rock is to deliver traffic techniques that are working NOW, that are not fads, or black-hat techniques. I am a small business owner and I need traffic strategies that won’t get me penalized by Google. I would love it if Traffic Live was designed for REAL businesses, not the people looking to get rick quick on the internet.

    Having said that, weekly tutorials with real examples would be great. Also, free and paid traffic strategies. As a small business owner I realize that I may need to spend some money to get visitors to my site. I have been experimenting with Facebook ads and have had some good results, but I could definitely use some more training here and I would like to learn about other paid advertising as well.

    Something else that would be really helpful is if you would review some of the tools and techniques that are being hyped up by the gurus, not with the purpose of selling them to us, but to educate us as to whether those tools or techniques are the real deal or if they are just a way for the gurus to make money. Kind of a consumer report module to keep us safe from all the scams out there…

    From what I’ve seen so far, this looks like it will be a great training program, I just wish someone would focus more on real business owners (online and offline – think coaches, financial planners, web designers), instead of the people who want to make a fortune on the internet doing nothing.

    You put out some great free content, so I know this program will rock whether you take my suggestions or not ;)

    Can’t wait to see what you have planned for us!

  194. Dickinson Eddy 27 April 2013 at 10:09 pm Permalink

    Hello Kim,
    May I please ask you how to handle email marketing without spamming?

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